Saturday, June 23, 2007
I'm all spruced up..Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

Title- to be sung in tune to 'All shook up' by Duh!

Ah..the perfect time to write a post, while sitting and soaking your feet in warm soapy water at the salon..but I've got to admit that typing a post out on the cell is certainly what I cut it out to be..PAINFUL! know I've never gotten the whole spa massage thing..somehow having a person you barely know dig their fingers into your back for an hour doesn't exactly appeal to me..same goes for the pedicure I'm having right now, I've half to mind to tell her to stop massaging my feet but the fact that I've already paid for it stops me. ( Yeah I'm a miser, big surprise!)

A couple of minutes ago, there were these two kids here who decided to entertain themselves while waiting for their mothers to finish up with their various beauty treatments by standing a foot away from me and staring at me..made me feel like an alien..I didn't know that kids have that effect on people..I mean I've felt that way many times courtesy the variety of snobs and bitches of Chennai but never by a couple of kids..I tried smiling at them, but they had apparently picked the perfect time to listen to their parents' 'never-talk-to-or-smile-at-strangers' rule.

Things have finally settled down in my life..made up with a friend with whom I have this love/hate relationship, launched the designs site which is doing pretty well, I might add...leaving on a trip tonight..took a quiz in the current issue of Femina which confirmed any false notion that I had about myself being a free bird! So I guess I'm least for the next couple of weeks ..hopefully I'll be able to discover a bit of myself on this trip..yea, that's probably wishful thinking but you cant blame me for wanting to start on the road to self discovery this early in life right?

Oooh, gotta go...time to pick a shade of nail polish...always the best part of a pedi, ain't it..?!


Blogger Grafxgurl had this to say:

hello you lemony girl
just wanted to say, that you have an AWESOME design blog!! im mostly the publishing designer types and thats what i go to work for but i love nice blog designs!
i read your "100 things" post and im wondering if i went to the same college as you did *wink wink*!
It was the only college then which had Fine sibling less just like you too.. theres SO much more thats similar !! its crazy!

7:11 PM 

Blogger vitruvian had this to say: rite babe...
tho a nice when u just sit back, close ur eyes and relax..
just wanted to say..
and u typed this post on the phone...*news flash*-u're hopelessly addicted!!
have a gr8 trip..looking forward to ur post-lanka blogs...they're going to be amazingly interesting i'm sure...

11:11 PM 

Anonymous Dream Catcher had this to say:

wow!! is the word for ur blog!!! damn good template..damn good design..!

a chennai gal n so much talent lethal..
romba good!!

1:17 AM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

hey girl u hv an award waiting for u in my blog!!!

1:46 AM 

Blogger KAYLEE had this to say:


5:36 AM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

u typed this on the phone?? man! my fingers would've started throbbing! enjoy the little trip!

5:43 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Hey girl! You had done the nail polish? Wow... I guess it must be great right? haha...
And you're really a talented graphic designer. Can I have 1 too? hehe..
Keep on girl!


8:20 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Oh ya.. You went to Malaysia before?
Really? And sunway pyramid too?
Wow! Will you come again?

8:21 PM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

lol...i love this one time i went to this really expensive place and they had only guys do ur was really weird!! and i like home pedis more because i get tickled at the drop of a hat so wen my feet are being massaged, i start giggling lol

12:52 AM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

ahhhhhhhhh im soo jealous of u!!! i want a massage!!!!! i dont hv one in like ages!!!!! i feel old and tired need some relaxing massage!!!!! pedis i love it!! except when all i want to do is giggle and set my foot free!!! :D hehe

1:14 AM 

Blogger shayeri had this to say:

ah, the glories of being a woman, you get to do all these manicrues, pedicures, facials and blah blah.
they put me off. :(
somehow the idea of a "massage" is very weird for me.

i've started reading your blog from the first post onwards (something i do when i like a blog). it's great deal of fun. :]

when are you coming back to help me with the skin?

9:47 AM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Oh ya lemonade, have you visited the blogskins website?

12:25 PM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

I never knew you were a manicure pedicure person. Anyway it's good. And about kids, rather than trying to smile, try to frown and then go away bored. Always works for me but then I've never had kids staring at me in a salon or something. Hell I've never even been to one.

Anyway, good luck to you and your fingers.

3:25 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

heheh having a mani/pedi is indeed lots of fun :) Hope you have great time on your trip - we want photos!

7:22 AM 

Anonymous n had this to say:

call me fool....

10:37 PM 

Blogger `NEFTY had this to say:

I hate it when kids stare at me too! So I give stick my tongue out at them:]]

8:13 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

on the phone? WOW!

Nail-polish I luuuuurve ;-)


12:27 PM 

Blogger monique had this to say:

i like your blog... and i gave you my vote for best blog design... :-)
i am new, so if you have time go and see my blog... bye

8:57 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

btw I really luv the colors in ur blog...from where did u get this template?


8:20 AM 

Blogger Matangi Mawley had this to say:

ha.. good post.. n hav a gr8 trip!

8:29 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thank you so much for visiting! and for the compliment! *beaming*
The college i go to doesn't have fine arts..but now I think i know which college you went

I am hopelessly addicted..! no doubt there :)

@dream catcher
Thanks! :)
and we chennai girls are pretty good at what we do :P

@confessing girl
thank u so much sweeti!! :)
And yeah..all i do is giggle too!

thanks :)

beleve me..mine throbbed as well!

of course u can..mail me and we talk :)
i might come to malaysia m not sure when..

@mich too..but thankfully m a regular the girl who does it is used to my incessant giggling habit!

shit..m so first few posts are so terrible..!


yes it is! and bout the photos..i'll try to put them up soon..

u mean girl! :P

me too..! :)
i got the template from this site called girliebits..u can find the link in my sidebar

love ur blog!
and thank u so much for the vote :)

thanks..! and i did have a great trip :)


12:45 PM 

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