Saturday, June 09, 2007
Joy from a bottle

No..not that kind of bottle..!

The weirdest thing happened to me today, isn't entirely weird considering the fact that I was the protagonist in this little scene, but anyway...was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets today when I found a kids water bottle. It was one of those water bottles that say kids who are like four or five would was pink with a yellow base and a blue cap..and when u opened the cap a little straw popped up..!! (Oh..and it had two bears on the front...! )

Anyway, I found the bottle and the first thing I felt was pure joy...I kid you not people..I looked at the bottle and I was happy..for what reason I have absolutely no clue but I couldn't help but look at that bottle with this five year old look of glee on my face...!! I'm 18 for heavens sake, I'm supposed to be that happy just by looking at a bottle of booze but NO instead I apparently am more than joyful over a mere water bottle for kids..!! Go figure..!! I filled it up with water and actually sipped up the entire contents through the cute little straw and after that I was happier (if that was even possible)....!!! I was completely satisfied , like a little child who had just finished his business for the day on the potty and who was extremely pleased with himself..!!!

I'm the kind of person who gets these cheap thrills out of the stupidest of things, say by blowing bubbles or bursting a blown up plastic bag or sitting on a balloon, so..I'm not especially surprised by this little episode that happened today..but still..I find that I never fail to amaze myself with what a kid I am sometimes..!!

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Blogger Rajeev had this to say:

burst a blown up plastic bag and sitting on a balloon! :|
:| :|

10:23 AM 

Blogger Princess Banter had this to say:

You know -- I think I may need one of those bottles hahaha!

5:25 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

hahah you are so cute :)

2:06 PM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

the simple things in life always taste better!!! :)

5:18 PM 

Blogger Glamorous Redneck had this to say:

It's awesome to be able to get such joy from the little things in life.

And to never grow up. I will forever have the five year old little girl I was in my heart. Which is why it's so fun to have my OWN five year old little girl to play with! lol

LOVE your blog! The pink-ness is making me most jealous!

10:30 PM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

its not a 'cheap' thrill's a precious that not many ppl wud experience. Good on ya!


11:29 AM 

Blogger Day Dreamer had this to say:

Everyone has an inner child, we just need to find it within ourselves sometimes.

Btw I love your template, really catchy.

11:36 AM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

haha awww...lemme tell u...i think id be just as happy to find sucha cute bottle hehehe such things fascinate me too!! oo pls make me a template pretty pleaseeee =) im a big pink

3:04 PM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

ure a darling lemon!

I love reading ure blog!

6:01 PM 

Blogger mayz had this to say:

haha u wudnt believe this...after d description of d bottle even before u said it...i felt like takin a sip from that bottle...u r 18...for gods sake...i m 24!!!!!

1:21 AM 

Blogger aint_no_saint had this to say:

COme join the 'Still Stuck in CHildhood CLub'!!!!!

5:42 PM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

well at least you still have that kid alive in you...

8:40 PM 

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

I usually run far far away from that kind of stuff.

11:10 PM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

its called having a good heart open to the little joys . be glad u have one :)

8:07 PM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

First things first, I think you have the coolest blog design ever. I've seen a lot of blogs in my 17 years of life but have never come across something so creative, neat and simply put - amazing! If I were the judge at that website where you've been nominated for the best design, I bet all my money(not that I have much of it, but still) that you would have won. Are you a web designer or something because you seem to be a pro at designing a.k.a. HTML and CSS.

Second thing, I totally understand what you mean in this post! I feel this is exactly the way one should live life. Finding joys in simple things is amazing. Life is so complicated these days that the smallest and unimportant things can make you so happy sometimes. Whenever I go around on the roads of my city, I wish I could buy all those yo yo's and balloons and stuff they sell on the roads. It's so much fun! Looking forward to reading more from you :)

10:37 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:


@princess banter
trust me..its awesome to feel like that once in a way :)

ha i..? ;)

@confessing girl
guess they do :)

@glamorous redneck
ha ha..the pink-ness? thanks for visiting :)


@day dreamer
thanks :)inner child...? contrary to wat my blog title proclaims..i still think i've grown up as yet..!

oye..ur template's in the mail..! hope u like it :)

*smiles* love reading urs too catty..! :)

ha ha..dont worry..I'm guessing i'll be exactly the same at that age too..!

@aint no saint
ha ha..i dont think i ever grew up..!

ya i know..sometimes it helps..

@silver neurotic

I really am :)

thanks a ton..i didnt design this template though..jus reworked the images and the sidebar images..but i actually am starting out a free templates blog..ya so i guess i sorta am a web designer...he he..'web designer' sounded weird..!
OMG..I'm exactly the same..jus last week i bought a whistle off the road..!!

3:56 PM 

Blogger d had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:52 AM 

Blogger *D* had this to say:

very cute :> i used to make my mum give me food in my old school lunch box..MUCH AFTER i was 18 so I completely know what sipping through that straw would have give you. Childhoooood

1:54 AM 

Blogger Macabreday had this to say:

i wouldnt say its the stupidest of fact, u should do some research on "transitional objects"... maybe just google it.....and am sure that what u are doing will make sense to you.

3:35 AM 

Blogger shayeri had this to say:

i don't even know you, but i'm here to say you make the AWESOMEST skins ever!! they're beautiful and different and the one you made for michelle had me overwhelmned.

i used to make my own skins too. not half as gorgeous as these of course, but i could do it on the old blogger, which was much easier than this. ever since i got the new blogger, i've had to live with the boring skins blogger provides.

i know it's terribly "out of the blue" and "sudden", but can you make me or help me make a skin for my blog?

i'd appreciate it. :)

11:21 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

Childhooood is right..! sweet isn't it? :)

it actually did make sense to me :)

thanks for the compliment :)

1:19 PM 

Blogger Reema had this to say:

18 but kid at heart..good!!

5:38 PM 

Blogger Dr. Knoe had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:03 PM 

Blogger Dr. Knoe had this to say:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:05 PM 

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