Saturday, June 16, 2007


WARNING: The inability to string various events of the past week together to form one coherent post has pushed me to resort to using bullets today.
  • Contrary to what I earlier thought about being absolutely jobless this summer, I'm so 'crazy' busy,its not funny..!!! Aargh..I'm just waiting for a moment of peace...and get this..I'm not busy doing stuff for myself but I'm busy doing stuff for other people. Yeah, I'm selfless like that. ;)
  • I miss my computer,I miss my blog..and I miss my TV and I miss alot of other things..But I'll be back my beloved appliances (and the online mirror of my thoughts) without you all is turning out to be harder than I thought :(
  • Ohh..guess what..??! I'm going to Sri Lanka for a holiday..!!! Yayness..!! Cant wait to leave..!! Katta Sambol and Odel, here I come..!!
  • When I was in the fifth grade I broke a portion of my two front teeth due to my mother's excessive love of horror movies..! (Believe me its a story you don't want to hear) Anyway, I had gotten my teeth fixed twice that year because I broke it the first time they were done up and me being me, I broke them yet again..! So my mum told me that the next time she would fix them would probably be before I got married....but, in spite of no marriage plans even remotely in the near future, I got them fixed AGAIN yesterday..!! Ok..but thats only half of the story..When the dentist finished I was scared to look into the mirror and look at them, I had actually forgotten how I used to look with decent teeth and the entire prospect of a new look for the whities was in reality a little scary even though I was really excited about them. Ok..ramble alert..better stop now. Shit, almost forgot..the best part was that no one even noticed them and when I pointed them out to everyone, they were like "huh,what was wrong with your teeth to begin with"....Well nothing, you people who call yourselves my friends, other than the fact that you could shove two straws through the very noticeable hole which made me look like a vampire at some angles..!!
  • I've never liked rain my entire life, the whole idea of getting wet and getting all dirty and muddy never ever appealed to me...expect this Friday. Chennai was surprised with a sudden downpour while I was on my bike, riding home and it was the first time where I couldn't be bothered if I got wet..and when I did finally get wet..I felt free..i don't know why but it was like something had unleashed itself inside of me and I felt actually free. I'm doing an incredibly sucky job at trying to describe what happened so I'm just gonna say that it was a feeling I rarely feel so it made it all the more wonderful..!
  • Some people need to learn to not be so needy..! I'm a very private person, even though I try to bare all here..I essentially like being by myself and I like having my own space..but i have this friend who has to have people around her at all times..She just has to..she has to have people around her at all times as much as I need my space, which is really frustrating..considering the fact that this friend happens to be one of my best friends which does not make this situation easy to deal with..! most of the week was spent trying to find a mere second of alone time to recharge my sanity cells.
  • EDITED TO ADD: Also went for Ocean's 13 this week..was pretty awesome I must say..but when I tried to remember what happened in the prequel I kept mixing it up with the Italian Job and Bourne Identity, so I was pretty damn confused by the end of it. And...I went for JRO (June Rock Out- supposedly India's mega rock fest!) on Saturday..but the sad part of that was that I went really I only got to watch two pathetic bands which was really pissing off cause we had the leave before we could watch the band that we went to watch in the first place..! For all you chick-flick lovers...Because I said so is a pretty good watch so try to catch it. Oh my god..cant believe I forgot to tell you people that I watched the movie that everybody is talking about..Sivaji..!! Went on the first day, the movie wasn't all that great but it was definitely was a visual extravaganza..I mean you should watch it just to marvel at the amount that the producers probably spent on the sets!
  • Happy belated Father's Day DADU....!! I love you...!!! (ya I know you probably wont read this, but this is for if you ever do, even though I really really hope you don't)
Yes so that's the round up...the very unattractive slacker blogger status is creeping up on me again and the Lanka trip isn't going to help that one bit, so I'm going to be a good blogger from now on and post whenever I can..expect for the 10 days that I wont be in the country. OOh.."10 days that I wont be in the country" sounds very alluring all of a sudden.


Day Dreamer said...

Coincidentally my two teeth are fake as well. I remember falling off the bed while sleeping, got up and went back to sleep. In the morning everyone noticed that i was missing half of the front two.

This happened in India. They really need carpets in bedrooms over there. Now no one can notice my teeth are fake unless I dont tell them.

Ish said...

Ah, I've had bad experiences with teeth too. I used to have these totally vampire teeth and had to get them fixed and I totally hate dentists. They look like a weird copy of the angel of death to me lol. Anyway I had to get braces and because I simply refused to go visit the doctor, I had to keep them on for like 3 years. Gotta hate those days.

Ah Rain, it's amazing getting wet in it sometimes. There's an overtly used line these days which goes like "I like to walk in the rain because nobody can see my tears". Most guys use it to earn sympathy but actually, it's a very well said line. Kudos to whoever said it.

Niyantha said...

Rain is fun only when school closes because of it, sadly it takes a hail storm to close my college...true story.

Ab said...

#Dadu, i thought i was th only person in the world who called my dad that

# rain, yupp, its kinda relieving wen you can walk in the rain without someone saying its not healthy and all that stuff. but its much better in Kerala wer its actually clean.. hehe.. chennai's so sticky and think of all the muck your feet would be going thru

#SL, why on earth are you going, of all places, there?

confessing7girl said...

OMG girl i hate the dentist!! there isnt anything else in the world that i fear more!!!!!!!! damn!!!!! ahh congrats on ur vacations!!!!!! then come back and tell us all about it!!! :D:D hehe

disillussioned_me said...

woaah! girl thts a pretty good blog the colour. Rains are fun when am at home...with a cuppa of steaming hot coffee!
Getting wet& dirty...doesnt appeal to me too!
Wonderful...keep blogging

Ish said...

Ah Sivaji. I seriously don't understand all the hype abour Rajnikant in there. I mean I've seen some of his movies dubbed into Hindi and agreed he's stylish and all but those movies were merely amazingly unnatural stunts only someone like Rajini can carry off on screen. And damn I so wanna see Oceans 13 too and now that you've said it's good, I guess I need to go pirated DVD hunting lol

`NEFTY said...

Cool, have fun on your trip:]

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm glad that you were able to get your teeth fixed. Hopefully you won't mess them up again this time!

Being busy can be good sometimes, but if you need a breather...take it. The people that you are being busy for will understand. It won't do to have you grumpy because you are lacking "me" time.

Keshi said...

Sri Lanka?? OMG I miss my country..I should go too...take me Lemonade!


Silvara said...

I wanna go too!! :P

And to continue on the tooth stories - I have one tooth missing....that sounds so gross doesn't it? but its right at the back so not noticeable at all :)

N said...

wowieee!! have fun and take loads of pics :)

Glamorous Redneck said...

I want to see Ocean's 13. If for nothing else than the eye candy OVERLOAD! :)

Mihir said...

amazing blog,and the layouts a stunner!
u clinched it there
[ummm did i just stumble on the most popular blog in the country??]

ne way,cheerios!

Princess Banter said...

Aww I've been wanting to see Oceans 13 for like, forever! I just never get the time to argh! At this rate, I'll be watching out for the DVD... sucks! Have a good holiday sweetie! Enjoy enjoy enjoy, after all, it's summer! I do feel for you not being with your precious gadget gizmos! I hope for the grand reunion soon so you can blog more ;) Will miss ya!

Anonymous said...



rishabh said...

Love the blog template!

sukanya said...

my teeth .. sigh i don't even know how many i have. and i never managed to remember how many fell out.