Tuesday, April 24, 2007
he's still in love with her....

Found this on Post Secret this week..and i dont know why but i felt compelled to save the pic. I guess its because I sort of related to the whole FAT GIRL thing...but isn't that the sweestest thing,not the fact that he dumped her but the fact that he's still in love with her given everything that his friends said...and I bet that he isn't a day older than 7....

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Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

well u cant guess what happened today!! i stumbled that post in postsecret just today!!! u r soo right he cant be older than 7!!!!! :D:D:D
i'll be voting for u:)

1:03 AM 

Blogger Rajeev had this to say:

thanx for votin me :D

Peace & Love

1:32 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

nice postcard. how damn honest is he LOL!


7:15 AM 

Blogger Shruti had this to say:

hey, first time here..and you really have a wonderful blog...
So sweet of that guy who wrote that postcard..
Take care...

12:39 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

lol - i love that site - this postcard is so cute :)

12:45 PM 

Blogger Protegeoflife had this to say:

kool lucky u guys r not so sweet good blog and gr88 template

12:56 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@confessing girl
thanks a ton :)

thanks for nominating me..! :)

i swear..!! :)

thanks for visiting..! n please come back again :)

i love it too..! :d

huh..? n thanks..!

4:14 PM 

Blogger Princess Banter had this to say:

Your blog rocks!!! And I'm a regular visitor of postsecret too... and that particular card did strike a chord. It's so full of brutal honesty, and regret. Very touching...

6:33 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Em... I think the guy shouldn't dump her just because of his friend. Since he still love her, he didnt have to dump her. Sigh.... :(

9:56 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Oh ya. Can I add you into my link friends. I like your blogs and the design too. Keep on working girl!

7:15 AM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

awww... and i know what u mean about relating to the FAT GIRL part... et tu??.. y do people have to judge others because of their appearance... makes me feel that we r living in such a mean world!!...

10:24 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@princess banter
ur totally rocks too..!!! :)

thanks :) n of course u can add me..like i would say no to that..!

@irrevsibly screwed
yes..me too :( its sad..its like..jus because of that one aspect..people judge u..

11:45 PM 

Blogger Akelamalu had this to say:

Followed a link from Critique my blog to here. I saw this postcard too and it struck home with me!

10:31 PM 

Blogger shreya had this to say:

hey, i read post secret too! but oh well, so do millions of others!

10:40 PM 

Blogger sweetheart had this to say:

so cute! just 7 yrs pld:)
i wasnt even aware of bf/gf thing till the age of 13(he he !)

9:56 AM 

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