Thursday, April 26, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #6

"13 of my favorite words"
Each of these words means something to me...not only do I love what the are and what they mean..I'm in love with the word itself..the way it sounds and the way I feel when i say it or use it in a sentence...ok fine...dont give me that look..I have favorite words..BIG DEAL..!!!!


Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

*making that look*, i find some words really interesting...what about a post explaining what that words really mean to u?? ;)

4:12 AM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

haha, even i have some fav words,i even say it loud andd keep wonderin at their sound and wonder and wonder how ppll come up with al those words :D!!!

hop ur doing well and great!!!i miss blogosphere!!i did come here to read ur posts,but was just busy and moody :(...


5:27 AM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

and so didnt leav u coments for al the posts below, i mean...........:D....(i started thinkin somethin else in b/w and cliked on publish the coment without completing it)

good idea abt the words btw ;)

5:28 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

no Im not giving any look to ya...cos I know exactly what u mean! I have some favorite words too and Butterfly is one of em...I like Lemonade too. :)


10:00 AM 

Blogger *D* had this to say:

i said all the words heheh..yeah they sound nice... i love saying bubblegum and swirls the most

2:21 PM 

Blogger Prince Kazarelth had this to say:

Ohkay. Am I allowed to state my favourite thirteen words?
I'll state five of them, nevertheless...

1.) Astronomy.
2.) Fantasy.
3.) Dreams.
4.) Science.
5.) Poetry.

3:08 PM 

Blogger Nabila Zehra Zaidi had this to say:

Yes I too have some fav. words.... which I love to say because of what they mean to me and because of what they say about me... :)

5:47 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

just opening ur blog made me smile... and it made me think of 2 words instantly!!!...
pink and stilettos!!!.. and i like both!!.. YAY!!!
i think we all have fav. words... things that remind us of happy times and things that r just so 'us'...
keep up the great work.. ill be back.. by the way am adding u to my blogroll... :)

9:24 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@confessing girl
i did think of that..but then my laziness got the best of me :P

me too..!!! glad to see that ur bac gurl..! :)

*all smiles* :) :)

i like saying swirls the most..swirly also is one of my favs :P

cool..i like fantasy too.. :)
u should have stated all 13..! :)

he he..m not wierd after all :)

@irreversibly screwed
thanks..! :)
see...told u that we're very similar..! :)

11:50 PM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

i saw the bloggers comm of orkut,and just incase u need any *thugs* to back u up,we all are there.....hehheehe!!!


1:23 AM 

Blogger `NEFTY had this to say:

Cool, I just don't know what "serendipity" is, sounds fancy-ful:]]lmao.

3:11 AM 

Blogger `NEFTY had this to say:

Oh kk.

2:17 AM 

Blogger Nabila Zehra Zaidi had this to say:

blogrolled for this amazing blog ;)

4:58 PM 

Blogger `NEFTY had this to say:

Oh, did I tell you your lay. is nice?

7:58 PM 

Blogger the_ego_has_landed had this to say:

hehehe cute :)

3:07 PM 

Blogger shreya had this to say:

oh shit, i posted a post just like this yesterday! and perplexed is on my list too! and i said the same thing about liking how words sound and liking what they mean!


who are you???

10:28 AM 

Blogger I.D. had this to say:

the sweetest word for a person , i guess, is his/her name. but you seem to have completely hidden your identity. dont u want to be known?

11:28 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks a ton shams..appreciate it :)

think i commented on ur blog and told u :)

@the ego has landed
he he..thanks :)

no seriously..who r u..?? i read that postof the namesake n memoirs of a geisha and i felt like i had written it..!!

nope..being an anonymous blogger is alot more fun :) plus im kinda embarrassed bout my writing..none of my friends know that i write a blog..! :)

10:44 AM 

Blogger Maria had this to say:

hi i especially liked this post cos i can really relate to i tespecially with the whole u havin favourite words n stuff!
wee i blog too n i hope u read this comment since i think im kinna lte in postin it!
i like doin twerpy things too
oh u should go ahead n tell everyone bout ur blog!!!!
nice reading you!!!

12:13 PM 

Blogger sweetheart had this to say:

serendipity...i like that one..coz life is full of that!

9:54 AM 

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