Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff!!!

I discovered Gimme Your Stuff a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been extremely curious as well as anxious to get on board with them..! Its a site where u register by posting on your blog,exactly how I'm doing right now..and list out some stuff that you'd be willing to give and well as stuff that you'd like to receive. So people who are registered there..can take a look at the stuff that you're offering and contact you for an actual cultural exchange of it books,magazines,chocolates,souvenirs,various girly knick knacks and just about anything else you can think of. I think the whole concept is incredibly cool and I cant wait for my first here goes..!!

Stuff I can send out from India
  • Random Indian knick knacks ( jewelery boxes,little beaded bags..etc)
  • Indian snacks and a few packaged sweets cause Indian sweets really cant be sent across continents.
  • Beads,Indian Print Trim(zari...that can be attached to clothes),Indian Fabric (I study textile design so i have great taste..!)
  • Indian style earings...Bindis..Bangles..and any other junk jewelry.
  • Indian flip Flops.
  • Newspapers.
  • Postcards.
  • Anything else that you want in particular that I can find here..I wouldn't mind throwing in a mix cd of all my favorite songs.
What I'd like to recieve

  • Fashion magazines from your part of the world.
  • Souvenirs (Key rings, Snow globes,Magnets.....) ,Knick Knacks of cultural significance.
  • Stickers and any kind of cute girly stationary(diaries,organizers)
  • Souvenir T-shirts .
  • Anything random but it definitely has to be cute or interesting...surprise me..!!
So if anyone is interested...leave a comment or mail me at



Lucifer said...

Your site is beautiful!

I really like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Im in if you want anything from sweden! =) Myblog is So let me now if youre intrested!! =) =) =) /alexandra

curryegg said...

How about Malaysia? Key chains? I think we can exchange! Good idea! Or stamps!

*~Tey~* said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is so pretty. I like your swap idea. It's cool. I myself exchange postcards which I quite enjoy. I like your blog and will add it to my blogroll.

confessing7girl said...

hey thats a great idea!!!!!! hummmmm will be checking how that works!!! maybe i can find something to exchange!!

Mandaline said...

oh i love stuff with mirror work
i'll be needing it for my wedding dress :)
it's great site
i'll be putting up my list soon.

catmiester said...

great ideat lemon...
am soo in.
Will be joining the gang on my blog soon
muah !

Silvara said...

awesome idea - i'll see what i have here :) little kangaroos??? Australian Vogue? hehe let me know

jean said...

hi , im jean and i live in england and im a gimmi your stuff bloger
here is my blog address
drop me an email if you fancy swapping
would love to hear from you

jean x

babs said...

You left a comment on my blog to do a swap. I would love to swap with you, but would you check out my blog again? I've updated it since you commented on it:
Send me an email if you're still interested. My email is swapwithbabs at I look forward to hearing from you!

Rambler said...

I am not so sure about the swap as such, I liked your idea though, please stop by my post, I am sure would love to swap some thoughts with you :)

sammy_bunny said...

Hi! I'd love to swap with you. I'm in the US and my post for Gimme Your Stuff is at

Elisa said...

I live in Italy and would love to do a swap with you. I'm interesting a several things you have listed. If you want anything specific from Italy, please let me know. I'm sure we can arrange an agreeable and satisfying swap between us.
this is my blogs with my listed:

i am very interested for flip flop,
and other indian anything

crazydot said...

Hi! I'm Dorothy from Singapore! I can give you some souvenirs from my country, t-shirts, and stuff! (food too if you'd like) or anything really!

I'd love, love, LOVE bangles and fabric!! Am currently crazy over them!

Do check out and leave a comment if you're interested too! Thanks!

Nakta said...

Hi! I'm Eleonora from Italy, and I'd like very much to swap with you!
This is my link :
[I'm with "Gimme your stuff" too]

Liliane said...

I´m from Brazil and I´d like to swap with you.


Jessika said...

Hi there! I'd be interested in doing a swap with you :)
I'm from Canada. If you'd like to do a swap please e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

My name is Julie, i'm curently in Sydney, Australia and would love to do a swap with you! :o)

You can check out my GYS page here:

If you're interested send me an e mail at

Luna said...

Hey, my name is Talita, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I'm really interested in the Bollywood stuff you have to offer. If you could take a look at my page or send me an e-mail, I'll welcome it:

Sueminn said...

hey there, i'm sueminn from new jersey, usa. i'm new to this gys thing but i'd really really like to swap with you! or if you're interested!

WINI - THE - MEANIE said...

Hey there! We seem to match things up... swap??

Email me at if you think we're good!

Hope to hear from you soon... =)

WINI - THE - MEANIE said...

i'm at just click on the awesomeness icon.

Kit said...

Hi my name is Kit and I'm from the US (North Carolina) I am interested in swapping with you!

View my post at:

Erin said...

Hi! I just joined the gimmeyourstuff site and I'd love to swap with you! I'm from Canada and can offer whatever you'd be interested in from here! Post on my blog if you're interested! or email me at! Hope to hear from you!

Lisa Joy said...

OMG, I love you - we need to swap. NOW. (sorry, wha? *blank stare* sorry, I got a little excited. we have similar personalities.)

I'm from Canada, 27, and in LOVE with India - I'm even IndoPagan (ie. I blend Hindu & Pagan spiritualities). You should go see my blog (just clicky on my name, dahling!) & stuff ... I wanna do a swap with you too.

Ilaria said...

Hi!! I'm Ilaria and i'm Italian...I'd like to swap with you! Thi is my page ! and this is my mail

I hope hear you soon! ^.^

Molly said...

I'm from Ohio in the United States. Let me know if you would like to swap anything. I've never done this before but it seems really awesome. My site is so if you want to, check it out and let me know!

Anonymous said...

If youre still interested in swapping, I'd love to. I live in the US. You can check out my blog at
GYS has been slow on updating it's site so I figured I'd leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Кажется, это подойдет.

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Chris said...

Hi! Are you still doing the exchange?

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