Thursday, May 03, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #7

"13 part connectivity game..!!!"

Well,thought I'd do this one this week because of the lack of time,which at the moment is sadly the only thing that I can think about..! (What with exams sitting on this little head of mine..! Almost forgot that it was thursday even..!!) Hmmm..lets see..this is how this works..I pick a word and then I type out the next word that comes to my mind as soon as I hear thats how its gonna be....

Lets start with...hmmm..whats the most obvious word at this moment..hmmm..Oh, we go...

My blog = My writing = crappy = life = crazy = professors = college = college project = exams = results = Miss FLUNKER 2007 (which is me,just so you know!) = The Internet = My blog...!!!!

Well..what do you know...It is a freaking vicious circle after all...!!!

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Blogger `NEFTY had this to say:

Wow that's crazy, my thoughts just go on and on and on (etc lol).

3:33 AM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

this thursday 13 stuff is cool....n ya it IS a vicious cycle...

1:26 AM 

Blogger Jewel Rays had this to say:

Wow thats really innovative. I have to say u've got a really creative mind. Love it. :D its amazing to see the flow word after word.:D

:) I am constantly thinking as well. And u jsut brought me to think in a way tat might just perk me up. thank u lemonade.

~Jewel Rays.:D

1:16 PM 

Blogger Princess Banter had this to say:

Hahaha you're right... that was random but when you think about it, it's not really ;) That's also the method I use when I want to give someone a nick name ;) Not necessarily 13, but when something good comes along..

10:21 AM 

Blogger sham had this to say:

haha..ur definitely creative :)!
goodluck with the exams!!

12:12 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

LOL...looks like someone has blogging on the brain :P

2:37 PM 

Blogger Nabila Zehra Zaidi had this to say:

lol..yeah a deadly vicious circle!!

4:28 PM 

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

One of my friends used to do that once in awhile when we were bored. One of us would say something and then the other would say whatever popped in their head, and we'd keep going until we got bored or ran out of words.

4:03 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

I know!


7:05 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:


Ure adorable lemon!

Hope the papers r going well


11:03 PM 

Blogger Maria had this to say:

ur blog = i like!
waitin fo rmore
PS theers another 'longer' comment on u r'favourite words' post.
in case u jus happen to miss it!
cheers .... blog on

12:16 PM 

Blogger shnaggy had this to say:

that is so cute lemonade. makes me think...i met my hub on a thursday the 13th...on a feb of 85.

7:02 PM 

Blogger N had this to say:

u r tagged :)

8:20 PM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

hey hey girl!! where r u?? the blog world misses u!!!!!! ;)

8:58 PM 

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