Monday, May 21, 2007
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Long drives...mangoes...the beach...antiques...dogs...french signboards...rickshaws...baguettes... and white photographs...the sun...ghosts...palmists (who predicted good things,by the way)...cheese...beautiful ancient breezers...local aunty gossip...cycle rides..the sunday market..half-naked firangs...choco cherry ice tree stories..braids...old people...street names dans le fran├žais...and probably a billion other things that i just cant seem to think of right now..!!

Fed up of 62 random words..?? Well..let me say it all in one...PONDY..!!

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Blogger curryegg had this to say:

hello lemonade. haha.. this post really funny. pondy?!!

10:58 PM 

Blogger Rajeev had this to say:

hey i've heard that its a really nice place!?
is it true!?

peace & love

10:10 AM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

girl no one does random better than u!!! ur amzing...its like ur telling a story!! :)

2:54 AM 

Blogger Rauf had this to say:

All that in Pondy ? Wowwee
never stayed for more than a few hours, got friends, but but....
want to do a feature on beautiful old houses. i want to go there only only for beautiful old houses and for a couple og ghosts may be but not for half naked firangs. hate aurovilleans. big pain they are. few of them friends but but but...

and how do you puttees your signature 'Lemonade' ? lublee it is

7:38 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

Pondy? lol wuts that?


7:55 AM 

Blogger sweetheart had this to say:

hey! your blog is really interesting to read...count on me..comin back again !

9:52 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

you are making me want to go lol.....

3:11 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@curry egg..
pondy is place in south india..chec the link :)

it is..!! visit sometime..but dont plan a trip in the summer..!

@Confessing girl
thanks sweeti :)

thanks..! its pretty easy actually..mail me and i'll tell u how..

its this awesome french territory near chennai in india..u have to visit kesh..! :)

thanks a ton..! :) always nice to have new readers :) :)

aren't u makin a trip here sometime this year sil..??

3:06 PM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

that sounds great and cooool!!!

2:23 AM 

Blogger Oxymoron had this to say:

pondy...!! Are u from there too? (yes yes, I am a pondicherry girl!)

4:39 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

it is..believe me..! :)

my mom's family is from there.. :)
m a chennai girl

6:32 PM 

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