Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is it abnormal to want to be alone..??!! I mean come on..all I'm asking for is just a little peace and quiet..is it wrong to NOT want to go out and have fun every single day..is it utterly and completely preposterous that a teenage girl enjoys sitting at home,doing her own thing...is it antisocial..is it weird..is it too strange or too odd or too peculiar...doesn't anybody understand that sometimes a girl just needs some time for herself and not have it interpreted as her being indifferent and selfish..??!!

Am i pissed..?? You guessed right..!!

PS: And for those of you who think that I am all the above adjectives..hold the comments,please.

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Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

hey girl thats only normal!!!!! sometimes i feel that way too!! i think everybody does!!! doesnt make u weird, makes u human!!! :)

4:51 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

i agree with confessing7girl...
isnt it high time people realize the difference between ALONENESS and LONELINESS!!!...

5:08 PM 

Blogger Princess Banter had this to say:

Nope -- totally absolutely normal! As a matter of fact, I think it's weird that some people don't want to be left alone. It's like they're hiding from themselves or something...

8:02 PM 

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

Hell, I used to almost always stay home and chill out. Of course I was boring back when I was a teenager...

4:42 AM 

Blogger N had this to say:

i think u already know u r normal and nothing is out of place.. hope you are over the 'aaarghh' mode.


9:42 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

lemon, my darling, ofcourse u have the right to be alone!

everyone feels that once in a while...

dont bother... people will get over it...
Chill :)

10:46 AM 

Blogger the_ego_has_landed had this to say:

we all need some time alone.. nothing abnormal!

11:44 AM 

Blogger Niraj had this to say:

hi lemonade :)...its absolutely normal to be alone and find out some time for urself...on the contrary i think its something very essential for us...well sometimes our frnds or the people who care for us misunderstand our being alone as being unhappy...and so they want us to go out and get away from that thing which is bothering us...and who people who dunn care for u, let their thinking go to hell!!!

4:33 PM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

Not at all girl...its OK. Do what u please.


7:33 AM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

of course its normal lemony!!! i feel like tht so often!!! i like 'me' time...u deserve it...don even doubt tht

1:47 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

heheh go for it...btw r u pissed as in mad...pissed as in drunk???? :P

4:54 PM 

Blogger Oxymoron had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:24 PM 

Blogger Oxymoron had this to say:

As normal for a teenager as is for this 24 year old!!

ps: dont forget to wear your helmet!

7:26 PM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

its completely normal! u can't please everybody at the same time. try pleasing urself. lonely is good, trust me.

8:12 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@confessing girl
thank god..i was pretty convinced that i was from pluto or something..lol

@irreversibly screwed
I swear..!!!

@princess banter
It really is..some people jus cant stand being alone..its weird..!!

@silver neurotic
u implying that m boring..huh,huh huh...lol..jus kidding..i do admit that m a lil boring..but thats part of the package..lol

I am.. thanks :)

thanks babe :)

@ego has landed
thank god..lol

yeah..! thanks a ton niraj..visit again :)

thanks kesh :)

i know mich..but the thing is that other people dont get that..seriously pisses me off man..

pissed as in mad sil..if i was drunk..u'd know it..lol

he he
shit this helmet business in chennai is so painful man..lol today they caught 2000 ppl!!

thanks man..needed that

6:29 PM 

Blogger *D* had this to say:

i prefer my company, most of the times. its important to spend some time with yourself everyday! going out partying every second day is not my idea of fun anyway...its NORMAL to not want to go out sometimes. i agree with the person who said there must be somethin wrong with someone who doesnt want to be left alone at all. everyone needs space

1:17 PM 

Blogger Rambler had this to say:

love being a loner, I feel kind of abnormal when I dont feel that way. Age, I hope it does not have anything to do with this.

8:03 PM 

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