Friday, November 02, 2007
Day 2 - I am the strongest!! (not my daddy)

Today I did something important, I was something I haven't been in a while.

I was strong.
No, not 'strong' strong, the other strong. Mentally strong.

As a kid there were points in my life where I had to be strong and I was, but in the recent past I've noticed that I just refuse to hold up and whine instead which is weird because aren't you supposed to get stronger as you grow old and not turn the exact opposite?!

But guess what happened today, I turned the tables all by myself! Me and another friend of mine were paired up in college for this assignment. A pretty huge one, which included a gazillion hours of work. Anyway we started it off the other day and pulled it open again today to continue it. But when we did, we realized that it was completely ruined. (I'm not giving away what the work was in order to maintain at least some of my dwindling anonymity on this blog) When we did open it up today , we found that it was totally and completely destroyed. My partner for this assignment is incredibly whiny, sometimes worse than me, which is definitely a bad place to be in, because if there ever was an award for "The Most Exasperating and not to mention Annoying Whiner", there pretty much would be nothing between me and that honor! Anyway, we saw the damage that had been done, so we set about trying to make it right. A few wasted hours later we realized what we were doing was in complete vain..I was ready to cry by then. I was on the brink of tearing up with my partner for the assignment started losing it. What I normally would have done is started crying and then both of us would have just sat there crying our hearts out, at the loss of a few days work. But what I did instead was stop those tears from falling and shout out at my partner to stop whining. (Yes I advocate tough love, it always works!) and amazingly she stopped whining, which I was really thankful for, because if she had continued, I'm pretty sure I'd have completely lost it and ended up flunking and having to repeat the entire year again!!

I know that this isn't exactly a big deal, but it made me feel so good, that I just had to put it up here. That and the fact that its only the second day and I'm already running out of stuff to talk about!!

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Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

yup... its kinda like a rite of passage, the realization that u actually did somethin better than someone who gave u some sort of inferiority complex before... thats when it hits u: "all grown up and lotsa places to go" ;)

4:25 PM 

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