Friday, November 16, 2007
Post 6 - jame loke

Sitting in the middle of a class in the computer lab.

HER: Wanna hear a joke?

ME: Sure, its been ages since I've heard a proper joke. But of course knowing me I'll laugh even if it happens to be the lamest joke on the planet.

HER: Ok, you wanna hear it or not?

ME: tell me, tell me!!

HER: So once there was this tiger and this hippo, who lived in the jungle. One day, the tiger killed a goat and the hippo happened to witness it. So the tiger went to find the hippo to persuade him not to tell anyone.

ME: But why? The tigers a tiger. I'm sure it can do whatever it wants, since when does it have to answer to or be scared of a hippo?!

HER: Well, they apparently had some deal in the jungle or something. Pah let me finish no, idiot!

ME: Ok, sorry, tell!

HER: So the tiger finds the hippo and begs him not to tell the others in the jugle, but the hippo refuses to. So the tiger asks him why? And what do you think the hippo said?

ME: What?

HER: Because HIPS DON"T LIE!!!

Please tell me, I'm not the only one who laughed so hard that I almost peed in my pants!

Yes, and I'm also aware that this post is a testament to the fact that my level of humor is so terribly poor that I will end up laughing for the lamest jokes on the planet and also that I'm an extremely annoying person. Don't you think?

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Blogger KAYLEE had this to say:

HAHAHA OKAY I WILL TELL YOU that you arent the only one that "laughed so hard you almost peed in your pants" LOL i did too!

I am doing great! just a few fainting spells thats all :)

6:16 AM 

Blogger thethinker had this to say:

I had to read the punch line a few times to get it.

And not because I didn't think the joke was funny, but because I'm so sleep deprived that I can't really process things right now.

But once I got it, yes I did laugh very hard. Not until I almost peed my pants, but I did laugh.

10:02 AM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

LMAO that was funny! I didn't pee in my pants but that was really funny :))

10:04 AM 

Blogger Compassion Unlimitted had this to say:

Why should you care if others laughed or not..One of the greatest gifts to us is to laugh..If you are able to do it,you are gifted !!
That was a wonderful one ma..Hippos dont lie !!

10:06 AM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

No I don't blame you, I nearly fall off the chair for sad jokes as well.

10:25 AM 

Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

im one of those ppl who laugh for the silliest things possible. sigh.. but lol, this wasn't funny :P

11:49 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hahahahahaha.....omg I think we're on the same level of lameness there :D

Ok here is one:

Why couldn't the bike stand up??


Because it was TWO-TYRED!

hehehehe :P

4:15 AM 

Blogger sirpy had this to say:

Ha.. I ve got a theory for you. There are two reason why people laugh at every joke,

1) The joke must be really good, so u ll laugh.

2) The joke must be so sad, that you ll have to laugh that a person even though up of such a joke in the first place.

Since all jokes fall into these two categories, you ll end up laughing at all jokes... :)

12:07 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hahahahah.. i laughed a LOT. actually i turned to my cubemates to tell them this. one guy gave me a look tht said "gawd!! giggly women!!" and another girl tried hard to laugh and take my side.

LOLOLOL. who cares! i am still laughing!! :D :D

11:53 AM 

Blogger Ab had this to say:

but surely, the hip didn have to lie... just shut up..... poor tiger

anyways, laughing is the right you are born with.. never feel apologetic about it.... in fact, thats wat i enjoy doing the most... (ya, even being a guy!) if people wud only laugh a lot more... everybody wud be more happier..
and who says jokes have to be th bestest damndest intelligentest ones to merit laugh's?

5:38 PM 

Blogger Anki had this to say:

knock knock

who's there

britney spears

britney spears who

knock knock


OOps I did it again

(now i m gonna tell every1 the hips dont lie joke and they will forgive me for the britney joke)

4:12 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

my li'l sweet lemon!!!

ure hilarious... n so is the joke!!!

Talk about lame sense of humour... ure competing with me out there.. :)

1:46 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I didnt pee...but I farted hard out of my laughter...

10:13 AM 

Blogger Rohan had this to say:

lol...that was not way some so called high std. jokes doesnt make me laugh but this made me to,u know not laugh my ass off but a light hearted smile...

11:08 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I don't get it ... WHY IS IT SO FUNNY!!!!????? thankfully i did not pee

2:33 AM 

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