Friday, November 30, 2007
NaBloPo Huh??!! (Post 9)

Have I royally failed at this or what?!!

But for once I'm gonna have to forgive myself because you truly do not know what the phrase 'Unbelievably busy' is until you have led 5 minutes of my life! I kid you not people, these past two weeks have been hell..hardest I've ever worked in my life I think! And what a coincedence that I happen to have a few hours free on the last day of the month to post 'Post 9' instead of what was supposed to be 'Post 30'. Ordinarily I would be hanging my head in shame, but the circumstances have been such that giving myself this little break has helped me realize a lot of stuff. Number one being..Don't try to force writing (It just doesn't happen), Don't stress yourself out over not being able to write (Its a waste of time and you probably will end up being more frustrated) and number three..If you genuinely don't have time, don't push yourself (you invariably will fall asleep on the keyboard and end up drooling all over it!).

In other news Ish from Dead End started a review blog, and I was totally honoured to be the first person on his list. The review came out a couple of days back and had me jumping up and down for a few minutes. Head over there right now and tell him what a good job he's doing!! And while you're there, sign up if you dare! ;)
Ooh..and he also gave me this nifty little 'Approved badge' come on, everyone needs one of these cool get over there quick and sign up!

Since we are talking about reviews, another one of mine came out a couple of month's ago at JackFactor. Too bad Jack stopped doing reviews, but now we have Ish so no need to fret, all you people who are looking for the truth about your blogs.

Anyway just dropped by to see if I could still write, cause I was seriously doubting it! Will be back in a couple of days..3 exams, one jury and a 8 submissions to go. See you guys on the other end of the whirlwind that will be next week!

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Anonymous Ish had this to say:

Wow thanks for all the link love, Lemon. I love you! And it was my pleasure to have your blog as the first one I could review because it is one of the best ones I've ever seen. You rock!

5:37 PM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

haha.. dear, u dont need a "approved" stamp.. u need an "awesome gal" stamp..

I was wondering if I'd suddenly see u post 23 jokes in the lastweek.. but then, 9 is still great .. clap clappety clap . all the best for exams, jury thingy

9:33 PM 

Blogger thethinker had this to say:

I would never commit to doing anything daily. I tend to lose motivation rather quickly.

6:16 AM 

Blogger sirpy had this to say:

Dont you dare stop writing... Every writer has writer's block.. They lay off for some time.. But they always come back.. It is like you said... Nobody can force you to write (Tagging is kinda like that though)..

So kavalai pada theengo...!! Btw, congrats.. read ur review.. :)

11:44 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Review? that might be cool!
And lemonade.. all the best for you exams... gambate!!!


8:15 AM 

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