Thursday, July 31, 2008
randomness...need I say more? CHAPTER 2

randomness...need I say more? CHAPTER 1 - Written on August 1st, 2007 exactly a year ago.

I haven't been in the best of moods lately. I'm not sure what it has to do with, but 'pissed off' is all I see written on my forehead when I look into the mirror.

My third year at college starts on Monday and no, I am in no way ready for it. It also is not my final year, as a result of which there isn't much to look forward to. I don't want to go into college on Monday feeling all blah, because I'm certain it will screw things up for the rest of the year. Yes, that's the little superstitious person in me talking. So I need to get out of this funk I'm in, so the rest of my year can be slightly less crappier than it usually is.

God, I can't even listen to myself anymore. I hate being so crabby. I'm going to blame it on my genes.

Its actually a couple of hours past the 31st of July but I couldn't bear letting this blog have only three entries for the month, so I'm cheating a little and pushing the date back on this, so I'll have four posts under July. Why, you ask. Because I feel a little guilty, and maybe this will help ease the guilt a tad. You see, the thing is, I've been sitting on my ass this whole month, doing nothing, and I couldn't even find the the extra few minutes it takes to get myself from wherever I was lazing, to the seat in front of the computer to supply this dear little space that I love so much with a couple of words. So an attempt to redeem myself is in order.

The thing with me is, its either all or nothing. Either I bring total mayhem and madness into my life by making myself completely busy or I sit around doing nothing, and by nothing, I actually mean nothing. I said the word 'nothing' thrice in the last sentence so you'll know that it actually means 'nothing'. As I was saying, either I kill my self with work without sleeping a wink, or I do no work at all and sleep until 3 pm. Either starve myself and work out like a maniac or just eat whatever I want in insane quantities. You see, the word balance does not happen to be in my dictionary and trying to achieve an equilibrium at things is something that's way beyond my league. And this I'm going to blame on being an only child. The 'siblingless-ness' of it all brought it out in me.

If you haven't noticed by now, blaming other people, things and situations is something I do on a regular basis. And this I'm going to blame on my nuclear family. My father blames my mother for things, my mother blames my father, they blame me, I blame them. Its a vicious cycle, this blaming game. And one that's isn't planning on dying out anytime soon, I'm afraid.

Another thing you didn't need to know about me. Seriously I should rename this blog 'Unnecessary Confessions Of a Sour Lemon'. Way more fitting, don't you think?


Blogger amrit had this to say:

All the very best for the new semester. :)

9:11 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

haha.. that's so cute! :) all or nothing :D sounds a bit like me!

9:50 AM 

Blogger Narcoleptic had this to say:

You know what?
We should meet. Atleast for Proveidence's sake.
You are like the same-genes-gone-wrong kind of twin that I should have had.

P.S. : I am an only child too.

12:23 PM 

OpenID ishmeet had this to say:

You're absolutely right, you know. All the problems are actually because we're only kids. We're lazy. When we eat, we keep eating. When we don't, we just stop. It's all the same.

I know what you mean about blogging. I was feeling the same way. I was not doing anything but still not going to the computer and making posts because I was too lazy to get up from the comfortable bed. So one day I just decided to fight with the internet wire and managed to drag it to the bed and managed to drag the laptop too. So the bed is my world now. I don't even have to get up to use the computer, it's right there. I wish I had a double bed though, it tends to get a little cramped on a single one. :P

12:39 PM 

OpenID worldthrumyeyes had this to say:

Naaaaah u r not sour... u still are freshly squeezed! :)

So cheer up!!! We all go through this... else life would be simple, plain and boring!!! What makes it so much fun are bad days like these... so that u can look forward to some good times :)

Take care!

2:43 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

Ummm I guess there is something that is really bugging you. I think you need a break. Just hang around somewhere with friends and feel free. You might overcome of your problems..!

Anyways I wish you all the very best.. :)

2:45 PM 

Blogger ray had this to say:

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


3:06 PM 

Blogger Vasudha had this to say:

ha ha. I just love reading your blog -- I can so relate to your posts. (I'm an only child, too. Life's pretty complicated for us, don't you think?)

4:18 PM 

Blogger Brat had this to say:

I'm an only child too, but I wouldn't want it any other way! I don't think I can deal with nosy siblings! ;-)

6:54 PM 

Blogger Rambunctious WhipperSnapper had this to say:

I'm like the youngest child, and I do nothing ALL the time. Nothing is more satisfying then doing nothing all day.

Also, being "balanced" = being boring.

So don't worry about it.

9:46 PM 

Anonymous kochab had this to say:

Hey!! just came upon your blog via...actually I don't remember...ahhh to be in your early twenties... i wish I could go back to that age of innocence (or not)...I loved reading your blog...its very funny..and I loved your flickr tag and am going to take it up!! Chin up girl...I know EVERYBODY says this..but college life is the BEST!!!

2:25 AM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

sometimes i just love being pissed off, and when someone approaches u over something, just give them an angry face and tell them "i am very pissed off at the moment, shut your pie hole and buzz off before you add to my problems." as people run away from you some how your bad mood will also.

3:18 AM 

Blogger gunj had this to say: new name but d current one is better!!)

8:03 PM 

OpenID Kiran had this to say:

hey there. just came across your blog. you are an amazing writer/blogger with immense creativity. nah, college life is fun gal. when you are done with it, and march into professional life, you would want to turn around and make a run for college again. so, enjoy it while you can. good luck and stay in touch!

2:57 AM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

The 'sibingless-ness' of it all brought it out in me.


At any rate, its a comfprt to know there are others like us in the world. ;)

6:12 AM 

Anonymous Chillpilgrim had this to say:

Hey Lemons,

I've got very little to tell you based on this post... listen up:

"Welcome to Life"

11:30 AM 

Blogger Anju had this to say: should actually blame the world. That's what I do. The world has reached a stage of funk. There's nothing new, nothing that brings wonder and therefore we get restless and then complain!
I like the new blog title though - very catchy!

4:57 PM 

Anonymous Rohit had this to say:

Blame the institution. Trust me, it helps.

10:39 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Ho hummm... Bloggers, they're all alike dont you think? 96% of all posts are about being frustrated. 'Raving and ranting' are the most common set of words that you will find on almost everyone's blogs. On one side we crib crib crib and are not thankful for the gft of life.
So why are'nt we thankful for that? maybe coz we dont see the 'good'. We're just too busy on the net, or watching tele, or on the phone... maybe someday we will all realize that life just great!!! Its what you do with it that matters. If you sit there and whine it aint gonna get better sweetheart. You gotta gotta get out there and snap out of it.
-You know who

1:41 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks :)

he he..really?

:) i'm game..give me a call next time you're in chennai!! :)

when i used to use the bed..i ended up using the laptop as a pillow coz i'd inevitably end up falling asleep on it!

so true!
thanks :)

yup, im sure that's it!
thanks joel :)

it sure is! :)

i didn't think i could either, thats why i said i didnt want any when my parents asked me when i was younger..but i guess now, i actually do :(

ya i know..balance kills all the craziness, which lets face it, is as good as killing life itself!

thanks :) but im afraid i'm still 19..haven't hit the big two O as yet :)

i'm actually quite good at that, but sometimes it doesn't help :(


thanks for the compliments and the advice :) visit again!

lol, i know!

thanks! :)

catchy! seriously??'s you?


3:19 AM 

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