Monday, July 28, 2008
Messiness, thy name is me.

An extremely untidy person by nature, I pretty much spent my whole adolescent and teenage life listening, to my mother scream at me, to clean up the pig sty that was my room. Disobedience, being my norm, I hardly ever adhered to those frequent orders.

I'm still as messy as I've ever been at home, but I've noticed that when I travel, especially alone, I am freaking obsessive compulsive. Turns out there is some of my mother's blood flowing through my veins, after all.

I went on two trips this year with college. We were a bunch of four in a hotel room, an inexplicably tiny hotel room might I add, with one double bed and barely enough space to put our feet. Four college girls doesn't exactly spell the bare necessities in terms of luggage. So there we are, all cramped up in this tiny room, which we unfortunately will call home for the next two weeks, and I get this rabid urge to tidy the place up. So my best friend and I start to clean, stowing away luggage, folding clothes, picking up wet towels off of the floor, throwing away food that's gone way past its 'best before' date, you know, the usual 'living-out-of-a-suitcase' scene. So we finally get done, and sit back surveying our work. Proud of the job we'd done, I pick up my book and continue on the adventures of three young women in Dublin (yes, I live on Chick lit, so sue me!!) when I see a comb that's on the table, slightly askew. I don't know what came over me that minute, I lunged across the bed, jumped over a couple of suitcases barely escaping landing on my face, and moved the comb two centimeters to the right so that it would be in place.

The moment I did that, I stopped. Disbelief washed over me, as I realized that I, the girl who went months without washing her bike, actually moved my fat ass from one end of a room to another to put a comb, of all insignificant things, in its place!

The reason I bring this up is that I've been home for two months now, and only a couple of weeks ago, did I get around to cleaning my room. I can safely say that while the task in itself was no piece of cake, it definitely would not have taken the amount of time that I took on it, which give or take was about three weeks.

Here are some pictures to prove it. (Sorry about the quality, a very sad VGA camera phone was all I had to work with!)

Three weeks later. Not perfect, but awesome for my standards.

So, that's the result of three weeks hard labour. Translation : Two and a half weeks of procrastination and 3 days of work.

Oh, and I hope I didn't scare you guys off with the filth that I lived in. Just trying to keep it real here folks.

Next week, my monstrosity of a closet.

Don't ask me how I get clothes outta there. Its a modern mystery.

While I'm the epitome of untidiness in this aspect, I expect nothing less than perfection from myself when I turn in work at college. Having to attain perfection in a room of crap can be quite a task. And that's something I'll have to repeat ten times everyday hereafter, so I can stop messing up my room.

Can you see the difference between ME - 'The Traveller' and ME - 'The lazy slug at home'. The difference is truly phenomenal. Now the only thing left to do is find someone to sponser my travel so I can learn to be a tidier person or learn to be happy living amongst the filth.
Though the former is extremly tempting, I'd be completely satisfied doing the latter.

Now THERE'S something you didn't need to know about me.

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OpenID suraksha had this to say:

Whoa. WHOA. And here the world thinks I am the epitome of lazy and messiness! :-o But y'know what? My closet beats yours - hands down. :P

But seriously, deadly job on the clean up! AND you have rugs and stuff on your floor - lucky you! My mum would NEVER let me have rugs for fear that I'd let them stay on forever w/o washing 'em. :P

5:23 AM 

Blogger Renovatio had this to say:

I've had the opposite happen here. Usually I'm beyond tidy with every shirt on a hanger and socks matched up and folded up. I've been in Bombay a month, and a massive stack of un-ironed shirts and trousers is growing on the other mattress. I'm going to have to do something about it before the clothes revolt and form their own government.

5:46 AM 

Blogger *~Puzzle~* had this to say:

Yes I often have a messy room. I do love it clean though, but I just get lazy. But sometimes(rarely) I get all motivated and obsessed with wanting my room clean. I did a clean up of the exterior on sat. There were multiple piles of clothes about waist high. And sometime in the future I will tackle the junk that has made it's way under my bed and the clutter in my closet....that's an even greater task. That's going to require an extreme amount of more then I've ever had before.

10:23 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

omg Lemony girl u almost gave me a heart-attack!

u know how much of a neat/clean-freak I am right? LOL!


10:55 AM 

OpenID worldthrumyeyes had this to say:

Hahahhahahah!!! That was a cute post...

Though ur cupboard reminded me of my sis's and I used to always wonder why she never had any "clothes" to wear!!! :P

12:34 PM 

OpenID vpande had this to say:

That's a lot of work, considering that you did it in only three weeks! :)

My mom says that my closet is a mess, but now I know that it ain't so. lol.

1:51 PM 

Blogger Arunima had this to say:

please show the cupboard once it is done. I rearrange my cupboard once every week.

2:35 PM 

Blogger Brat had this to say:

Clean rooms are a little too vanilla for me! ;-) I can't bring myself to clean my room no matter what, but I do "relocate" crap from one corner of the room to another occasionally! ;-)

3:01 PM 

Anonymous CP had this to say:

I was actually starting to like you till you mentioned that you were turning over a new leaf.. and that threw me off course. Lol.

3:16 PM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:


we need lessons here!!!!

6:13 PM 

Blogger Reema had this to say:

Ahhhh the "monica" in me has woke up seeing all that. i have a little streak of OCD regarding tidying up wherever I am staying. :D

7:47 PM 

Blogger Rambunctious WhipperSnapper had this to say:

If I clean my room and keep everything in it's place then I can never find anything. I can only have my peace of mind when my room is a mess.

8:44 PM 

Blogger a million different people had this to say:

Somewhat weirdly, my closet is super clean.

My room, on the contrary.

I haven't cleaned my computer table for years. And I noticed just now how there is no computer on the computer table.


9:01 AM 

OpenID ishmeet had this to say:

Ah, my room is a mess too. But your room beats it hands down. Actually, I would've been in the competition some days back but I only just cleaned it too. Although I think it's annoyingly tidy right now, mom just came in yesterday and gave me a lecture. She goes, "Hmm, what is your room?! Guitar, socks, shoes, clothes, jeans and everything is lying here. I think we'll find you buried in all this junk one day. And that would not be unlikely because you hardly move. You just sit and pile junk around you". Well, I just sat there blinking at her. I can't clean this room now, it's already clean.

You bought a bag with your Inspiron? I didn't. I didn't have any more money. I wasted all of it on the 2 Ghz processor and the 1440 x 900 resolution. :-/

I like your guitar! Why don't you record yourself playing silent nights and put it in the next post? I wanna hear! And I think I can just manage to your, er, Dude in Red in the "relatively cleaner" picture. *High five* :P

What exactly is the unfinished piece of work? I never knew you draw. What are you gonna do with it? And oi, is that Andre Agassi on the door? Totally reminds me of this huge Agassi poster my cousin had in his room. And I used to hate it 'cause I liked Pete Sampras :P

Uh oh, and looking at that cupboard, something tells me I should go clean mine too or I'll have to go college naked because it's absolutely impossible to find clothes in there right now.

2:20 AM 

Blogger buddy had this to say:

nice blog!

6:06 PM 

Blogger Parv Kaushik had this to say:

nw i would differ here with u.. m sort of cleanliness freak!!!!!! mom loves me fr it nd frnds cnt stand the cleanliness.....

1:51 AM 

Blogger Macadamia The Nut had this to say:

Ummmm, can I borrow you for a week?
Pwetty pweeese???



8:56 AM 

Blogger Gayatri had this to say:

my room is NEVER a mess..thanks to mom :P

after a million weeks of nagging and clothes still piling every else except the wardrobe, she cleaned up the entire mess herself.

2:26 PM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

i think we are quite similar, my room back at home is a sty , but my room in australia as well as in Chennai is spanking clean. i some how have the urge to keep it clean while my own room at home stays like a town hit by a cyclone.

10:55 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

Ah! my room is far better :P You'll find it even more messier than this :D

And the BTW I liked your AC... :D

2:50 PM 

Blogger Anju had this to say:

hurray for messy people across the world! I'm so glad I'm not alone - my mother thinks I'm the only pig in the world and that she should have given me a pigsty instead of a room!

4:54 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks :) but i seriously doubt your closet beats mine!

i know what u mean..sometimes they scare me just by sitting there in piles

the motivation will come..wait for it.. :)

@kesh it really that bad?

@world thru..
i never have any 'clothes' to wear either! :P

lol..u can show her these pics..and get yourself off

sorry..i never got around to doing it :P

i thnk i should try that next time :)

lol :)

dont even ask! :D

me too..too bad it doesn't strike in my own house!

can u believe that i dirtied it the same night?!

@a million..
lol :)

yes i draw ish..not too well..but i'm in a design programme at college so i sorta have to..
and silent night..maybe i'll play it for christmas and put it up :)

thanks :)

ha ha :)

lol..if only i had the time :)

thats the easiest way out i think..i should give it a try next time :)

same here! :)

uninstalled ac that is :P
useless piece of crap that's lying in my mother's discards..

i used to get that line all the time when i was younger!

2:28 AM 

Blogger flygye12 had this to say:

just buzzin thru...saw ur pics :D looks like my room ha ha ha

only wanted to say that some people confuse our mess with our being unclean and unhygienic

i love living clean and having things in proper place...only if someone would do it for us without much cribbing :D

8:56 AM 

Blogger aint_no_saint had this to say:

DAMN! there's order in chaos.. and i knw it.. personally!

9:53 PM 

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