Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spotted this tag somewhere, and was itching to do it, but unfortunately, when I tried answering the questions, I was stumped. Believe me, I spent 45 minutes just on the second question. It was like I being held at gunpoint, making a life or death decision! Oh and my new flickr obsession also slightly fueled this tag.

Anyway, here are the rules.

  1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
  2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
  3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker).

1. What is your first name?
Lemonade, to you.
2. What is your favorite food? Right now?
Pineapple Pizza. This is the answer I spent 45 minutes on. Pathetic, I know. (Not the pizza, but the fact that I love food so much that it was so hard for me to make a decision)
3. What high school did you go to?
Convent. I went to this convent in Chennai. Some of the best days of my life, yes, even with the obsessive compulsive white satin ribbon rule.
4. What is your favorite color?
Red. I think I've already mentioned this a couple hundred times here.
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Wentworth Miller. Need I say more?
6. Favorite drink?
Definitely Lemon Tang. Its my lifeblood, this time of year.
7. Dream vacation?
Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
8. Favorite dessert?
Lemon Ice cream. If you think I'm joking, I'm not. If you're ever in Anna Nagar, go to Deli Fresh. Trust me, it'll be the best fifteen bucks you'll ever spend.
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
My family.
11. One Word to describe you.
Quirky. You see that, don't you?
12. Your flickr name.
Lemon Snap. Maybe its time I get over this lemon thing, no?

Flick Credits:
1. Lemonade and Lime, 2. Bacon & Pineapple Pizza, 3. Convent Distorted, 4. `paint the town red., 5. Wentworth Miller, 6. DSCF0140, 7. KAP Bora May 07, 2006-06, 8. pickled sour cherries on lemon ice cream, 9. don't worry be happy new year, 10. My family..., 11. Quirky, 12. Swedish snaps for the holidays

I'd take up this tag if I were you.

Its a nice way to spend 45 minutes pondering about your favorite food.

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Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

pineapple pizza and lemon icecream??? things i must try it seems....
i'd done this tag! i'd done this tag

10:46 AM 

Blogger Adi Crazy had this to say:

Beautiful pictures!

I loved the Family pic, the lemon ice cream pic, the red pic (red's my fav too!), the lemon tang pic and the happy pic a lot. I think I should take this tag from you.


10:58 AM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

This is interesting...I'm taking this tag.... :D

And 45 mins spent over the second question.. OMG.. wonder how much time will I take..!

11:24 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Pineapple Pizza, uhh. I didn't like that. I prefer my pineapples alone or in pastries. :P

I love the picture that came for quirky. Brilliant!

And Red, blah. I would've expected to see a picture of two people working on their Red Dell's for that :P

4:12 PM 

Blogger humbl devil had this to say:

now that's an interesting tag...mebbe i'll take it up too...

pineapple pizza???
only if the base is soaking wet in the syrup...ryt??

4:24 PM 

Blogger *Mandy* had this to say:

cool i definately use this one soon
btw i sent u an email regarding the custom templates...plz plz check it out :)

6:36 PM 

Blogger Joel had this to say:

BTW, you've been tagged.. :)

7:58 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

BTW, you've been tagged.. :)

7:59 PM 

Blogger Brat had this to say:

Your obsession with lemon based food items reminds me of one of my favorite desserts - lemon sorbet! :-)

1:49 AM 

Blogger humbl devil had this to say:

u have been tagged!!!

5:48 PM 

Blogger Coconut Chutney had this to say:

pretttty!! :D

9:29 AM 

Blogger somalee had this to say:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:00 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:


I have been reading your blog for a while, but haven't ever contributed. I think the "bright" citric personality that you bring to the blogging environment is unique in its way!

The one thing which I and I guess other readers would like to see is more frequent posts! In order to do that, I have proposed the blog "challenge" (you can read more on my blog). I know its a small one to start off with, but I issue you with a "challenge" to post - You're up!

1:45 AM 

Blogger *~Tey~* had this to say:

this is soooo cool I did it on my blog. Come check it out

8:27 AM 

Blogger *~Tey~* had this to say:

this is soooo cool I did it on my blog. Come check it out

8:27 AM 

Blogger Anju had this to say:

yesss I am doing this tag... how fun!

11:47 AM 

Blogger Poonam Sharma had this to say:

This is an interesting tag. you mind if I steal? :)

4:54 PM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

tempting ;)

10:33 PM 

Blogger Bungi had this to say:

Hmmm... Shall take up this tag when my brain juices aren't flowing much... How you been?

11:24 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@keeper of the keys
its called hawaiin pizza at most places..try it out the next time u order :)

@adi crazy
ya the picture are beautiful, some of the photographers on flickr are brilliant

ha it and find out! :)

lol..ya i know too bad about the absence of red dell laptops on that flickr search..and try the pizza!

@humbl devil
no! trust me..its good :)

hey mandy..i did see the mail..i'm not doing that seems to be taking up most of my life..although, if u just require a banner or something, i'd be happy to do it, just mail me with some idea and a couple of pics and i'll get back to u :)

yum! yes this lemon obsession is getting a lil out of hand isn't it

@coconut chutney
i think so too :)

@biscuit in a..
oh thats so sweet..will take up the tag next time..and i'm glad that you finally showed yourself here! :)

i will!

it was fun! u should do with your answers and one with sharky's :)

not at all :)

isn't it ? :)

i'm're u doin? u seem to be quiet on ur blog for quite sometime now..

3:14 AM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

Ooh I've done this one too, on Flickr. I think I should put it up on my blog...
Yea, the 2nd question stumped me too. And the seventh.

3:16 PM 

Blogger Aaarti had this to say:

Hey Lemonade~~

Cool tag.. did this a while ago..
I was looking fwd to meeting you and others at the bloggers meet, but couldnt.. today managed to spot your link and came over to say hi~

nice stuff
btw, is that guy the same one who acts in Prison break????

2:24 PM 

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