Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Blogger Part..Finally!!

Ok, first off, all those who attended the meet, my apologies for making you sit through that painful 1.2 minute supposed ‘welcome’ that I gave!

Anyway, back to the beginning of the story. After an enormous fight with my mother about her punctuality issues, I stormed out of the house, tear streaked face and all, car keys in hand, determined to get to T.nagar in 15 minutes flat.

I made it in about 24 minutes. (With a couple more to spare before the meet was scheduled to start.)

So I walk in, with a nervous smile on my face, my apprehension getting the best of me, find the first empty seat (which happened to be in the second row) and plonk myself down, waiting pretty impatiently to see a face that I could recognize. A couple of minutes pass, with me nervously looking around the room and vaguely smiling at people, who for the record were not smiling back at me! At this juncture, I have to confess that I'm an extremely shy person and find it very hard to go up to a person and introduce myself. Yes I have some confidence issues. Now, ssh, don't tell anyone that!

Prayers answered, Anju walks in, and daintily perches her pretty little self right in front of me. I find a friend in her and am thankfully kept company until the meet officially started.

A PowerPoint presentation with the Indiblogger boys hilariously running up to the screen and covering the ‘Pune’ credit later, everyone began to loosen up. The 1 minute of fame round was pretty interesting with almost all the bloggers coming up and introducing themselves and their blogs. And by 1 minute, I mean 1 minute, since I was the official time keeper and all, now made famous by a very embarrassing picture in ‘The Hindu’!

We then had a break of about 30 minutes during which Anju, JollyRoger, Captain Jack sparrow, Bungi, Divia and me, laughed our asses off, for what I can’t seem to remember now! As JollyRoger said, a near riot was caused by the six of us!

After everyone had had their fill of the food and nearly not as much of the laughter, the ‘Do you know your readers’ round began, where, random comments (that I scrounged and picked from around the net) were read out and the owner of the blog from where the comment was taken had to stand up and do a lil jig. There was then a play by ‘The Rebelz’, a presentation on mobile blogging by 'The Pseudonym' and another presentation on Windows Live writer by Sandhya Rajan.

The meeting wrapped up with everyone greedily grabbing at the “WE BLOG, THEREFORE WE ARE’ Indiblogger t-shirts. Thanks you guys and Renie (you know for what..he he)

Oh crap, forgot to mention that i was made to do the Indiblogger jig too, since i was the one who collected the comments (Anju, I’m gonna get you for this!) which was not a good idea because, I can safely say that i am in the only person in the world whose two left do not point to the left, but point all the way to the back. Seriously, I suck at dancing. So, any slight dance move, or any move for that matter, gets killed even before I attempt to do it!

All in all, Sunday was the most fun I’d had in a long, long time considering the fact that I’d been stuck at home WITH the chicken pox and WITHOUT the internet for the past three weeks!!

It was great seeing so many bloggers all in one place and that too at the newly proclaimed blogging capital of India. I met some awesome people and made some great friends, (you know who you are!) What else could you ask for, seriously!

Again, I’d like to thank all you guys at Indiblogger and all the bloggers who turned up. It was great fun!

So Renie, when's the next one happening??

PS: Oh and I was on NDTV, making all kinds of faces. To say that it was embarrassing, is a gross understatement people!!

Oh and here are a few Pictures!!


That Squirrel said...

hehe.. well, I had to do the jig too, thanks to you! and if you think you're bad at dancing, you should watch me. Actually, that won't happen cos I'm never going to!
It was nice meeting you too, in person!

Anonymous said...

Had fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Had lots of fun :)

Funniest part was when I told you that I thought "Lemonade" was a guy. Your reaction was priceless (in a pretty sort of way ;)). I wish I had my Cam out at that time tho...


The Pseudonym said...

hey nice meet. good fun. cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! The pictures are great, I saw a Mac in there, a windows laptop and a projector. I can't tell about the people obviously because I don't know who is who!

But I think I know which one you are because you're supposed to be in the second row and I have a slight idea from the blurry picture on your Twitter. Why didn't you take your Dell with you? Would've made things so much easier! :P

Darn, I wonder when my city would have enough people so we can have a blogger meet. *sigh*

Renie Ravin said...

Good times! Next IndiBlogger meet is most likely at Calcutta!

amna said...

ohhh so much fun :)

Vadapoche said...

It was a gr8 evening. Pity i missed NDTV.

Anonymous said...

Had great fun. Didn't catch up with u, though...maybe then wud have had much fun.. Anyways, nice to met few ppl and yeah, socializing esp. wit new clan of bloggers is great. is'nt so?

Anonymous said...

by the way, i heard you send in themes..kinda self-made. is that so?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lemonade,
That's a fantastic write-up and pictures of the big meet. Now I know what I've missed by not being in Chennai (other than the sizzling heat and the sudden showers, that is).
Keep writing..

Bungz said...

Ah! I had a good time too!! I totally loved it that we were the unofficial 'rockers.'

Great meeting you and strangely, strangely, i was not aware of your wonderful blog's existence before the meet. Weird.

Will be dropping by more often.

Vadapoche said...

Think we shld rock more!!! But do remember my blog design, wen u r free!

Anonymous said...

Had fun! :)
The beer was missing though!

Anonymous said...

Nice meeting. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Keshi said...

how nice Lemonade! ur lucky.


The Keeper of the Keys said...

the point of this post, i believe, was to make the rest of us turn a bright venomous green with envy, was it?

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

haha.. i was there for the pune meet... good to see u enjoyed it.. hey, how come no pics !!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, i missed the meet cause my boat ran aground at pulicat. so when's the sequel?

Gunjan Aylawadi said...

where are d pictures

lefty84 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lefty84 said...

First of all a big thumbs up to you and Indi blogger team for organising this event in Chennai. It was my first blogger's meet and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And for your Pseudo name, I initially thought it was a guy. I shook hand with Rennie when I came in and asked him if he was Lemonade.

lemon said...

please! I can safely vouch that no one, and i mean no one is as bad as me at dancing!

me too! :)

i know! you completely caught me off guard!anyway, at least now you know that i'm a G.I.R.L..

it was good meeting you! anyway of sending the video across?

i know, i thought that the place wouldn't have had wi fi , but they did! i'll probably do that next time...

I'll give u a hint..there's a picture of me, wearing black and waving my hand about :)

i meant the next one here silly! :)

it really was! :)

i have a couple of pics of D, will send them over and the link for ndtv is on the indiblogger blog..

it really is! we should do it again soon..

there's always next time! hope to see u then :)

lol, we were the unofficial rockers, weren't we?
come back soon, now that we know each other..

@old sailor
it was great fun!:)

thanks kesh :) u should organize one in Sydney too..

@the keeper
no, it wasn't *sly smile*
u should propose one in your city too..

there were pics rosh, i put up a link

missed u there! was hoping to meet the founder of the great chennai photo quizzes :)

follow the link on the word 'pictures'

lol, he must have been bewildered!
and thanks! :)

kdoll aka *~Puzzle~* said...

that sounds like alot of fun. I wish I could meet my blogger friends...most of them are in american though so it would be hard to have a blogger 'gathering'.

Anonymous said...

I didn't come. did you miss me? =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Lemonade

Thanks for your comments...and many a thanks for organising such a good event... And about the comments. Both were written on my posts... First comment is from my new Poems, the person who wrote the comment is Kanupriya and the Second comment is from the post "IPL Hoopla and 20-20 Tamasha" written by Bharath.
I know my readers very well ( because its a very small number)...

and the links for the sameஎன்னுடைய-புது-புதுக்க/#comment-138

kriti said...

Ooh I have confidence issues too :) High five!!
So why doesn't Delhi have a blogger meet?? (Without the jigs, though)
And I notice you're replying to comments again...what happened?? Lol