Sunday, June 22, 2008
You "actually" blog??

Let me tell you, hiding under a shell for ten days does absolutely nothing for your conscience. Your guilty conscience that is. Especially for a person like me, who gets itchy if she doesn't post on her blog for more than 5 days. But as per usual, procrastination still rates high on my set of daily activities, so its no wonder that I procrastinated getting out from under that shell.

So, here I am, not afraid anymore. The slew of people asking me if I "ACTUALLY" blog, made me go under the blankets and hide my face for fear that if I said yes, they'd all run and go find my blog and consequently read whatever I had managed to keep a secret for two years! Yes, sometimes, I actually am that self obsessed; thinking that people don't have lives and that all they'd want to do was come dig around the internet and find my blog. But then, at times like these I gradually get over myself , and realize that the world in fact does NOT revolve around me!

Anonymity is awesome! Did you know that? Especially in circumstances like these. Its gives you the freedom to say whatever you want, knowing that no one is going to judge you. And even if they do, who gives a shit, its not like they know who you are anyway.

But when those safe walls of anonymity are broken down, its like, there you are, in all your raw, messy, undignified glory for all the world to see. And no, you are not that in real life (Ok, maybe sometimes), rather you try not to be, that's why you keep a place like THIS for all your outbursts, rantings and other shenanigans. Come on, a girl has to vent! But now, when this somewhat sacred place is invaded, where exactly are you supposed to go??

Anyway, I've decided that I can't be bothered anymore. If people I know find this space, let them! They can use the material on this page as fodder for gossip, they can form opinions, they can change opinions and they can judge all they want. I'm done hiding beneath that shell...and you know what..

It feels great to be back.


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Anonymous Javits had this to say:

ha ha ! funny post, with fresh squeezes of lemon reality.

I loved blogging anon - till my parents found me! so I'm back to blogging with my name.

4:20 AM 

Blogger amrit had this to say:

You 'actually' back? :P
Belcum back!

6:12 AM 

Blogger humbl devil had this to say:

breaking the shackles, huh??
nys, nys...

keep them coming, then...

9:47 AM 

Blogger Brat had this to say:

Welcome back! Perhaps, multi-layer anonymity is in the order! ;-)

2:43 PM 

Anonymous Yuvi had this to say:

You were away? :P

I never understood the rationale behind Anonymous blogging (unless it can affect your job, like Fake Steve Jobs or Mini Microsoft). My blog is pretty non-anonymous - if you digg deep enough, you can find out my school name even! And I'm lovin it (more so because I don't have to mention my name to everyone and follow it up with an "but it's supposed to be a secret!" :P)

But you must love being called Lemonade, no? That's just such an AWESOME nick....

3:50 PM 

Anonymous nids had this to say:

*does a war dance*

She's back

ya, anonimity is something i wish i had given more consideration to when i started blogging, now i just have to grit my teeth and 'deal with it'. :?

she's back

6:14 PM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

You got a pop-up comment box! Yayee! :D
Welcome back! And I have to say, I've had pretty much the same thoughts as you often... :)

9:06 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

Well I think I am at right time at your blog. Will follow your blog too from now on. :)

BTW if you were really away from blogging, welcome back then... : )

8:52 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Been there, done that. But I'm still scared. One of my friends found my blog and I password protected it the next day. After about 3-4 days, I figured that it couldn't go on that way so I let him read and I continued as I was. But I still Google my name everyday and get distressed when the blog features on the first page. Too bad I can't even change my WordPress username now. But if someone has to discover it, so be it.

Good to have you back! :D

10:30 PM 

Blogger Trinity had this to say:

Hey Hi
Visit my new blog
and have good fun and learning.

and yes Anonymity is sorry was awesome...

4:02 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Good for you babe...

and you're back!

8:45 AM 

Blogger The Pseudonym had this to say:

hmmmm have you heard of asal tamizh penn the blog. The anonymous writer is good and readers actually break their heads figuring out who it is. It is good not to be known. It is even better if people don't judge. But we ain't living in Utopia right??? So is this like a rebirth...Welcome back anyways...

1:14 PM 

Blogger Sneha had this to say:

i was always semi-anonymous on the web, anonymous for all practical purposes in real life because nobody i KNEW knew read my blog. now, however, things have changed and i'm not anonymous anymore. i've 'owned up'. but it's fun nonetheless. i get to be mean even when i know that person is probably reading :D it kind of works. but yes, the constant fear of being judged is totally there. sucks.

7:35 PM 

Blogger The Mahathma had this to say:

you actually blog :p

10:29 PM 

Blogger *~Tey~* had this to say:

welcome back! I like annonymity aswell. I have a couple of people in real life that have access to my blog. I wish they didn't though because it means I have to Sensor my posts so much more and have to be careful what I say.

11:05 AM 

Blogger Bungi had this to say:


2:53 PM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

u hav a great attitude!! welcome back!:)

4:42 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

i know what your talking about! my parents found this too!

thank you :)

@humbl devil
hopefully :) nice to see u here after so long!

yup..guess it is! :) they'll have to really dig deep to figure me out!

as i said, its nice to have a place where you dont have to worry about what others think of you, thats the awesomeness of anonymity :)

i guess i'm gonna have to deal with it too..sadly..
any tips?

@wild iris
did i? i dont think i you think i should??

welcome! and come back soon! :)

shit, how come he didnt tell anyone else? did you make him sign an agreement? because i'm thinking of doing :)

hey, congrats on the new blog..and good luck :)

yup..gotta face it sometime, huh :)
hope ur better!

no i havent heard of her. has anyone figured it out as yet?

any tips on how to deal with that? i'm pretty scared too..

just found out that I DO!

painful no? thats what i hate about this non anonymous thing..


thanks! :)

3:59 AM 

Blogger Animated Junk had this to say:

anonymity is the amazing tool that lets u talk the hell lotta bullshit n a little of sense n let u get away with it
and LEMONADE is a really nice name

12:41 PM 

Anonymous Yuvi had this to say:

Maybe I don't make such a deal of anonymity 'coz I ain't yet in college? or work?

Or just that from the part of the Blogosphere where I usually live in (The tech side), Anonymity isn't that popular. Anonymity = no boasting rights :P

3:06 PM 

Blogger Rambunctious WhipperSnapper had this to say:

OMG!! I'm going to stop saying this, eventually, but my sentiments exactly.

1:34 PM 

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