Thursday, May 22, 2008

12 hours from now, I will be hurriedly dragging a bulging suitcase across Chennai Central Station trying to find a train which will take me to Calicut, where I am sure I'll be a victim of the 'Whine, Moan and Groan' Gods for the next 13 days.

Usual circumstances, I would be excited. This time I'm not.

Traveling with 60 other people, the majority of whom you don't converse with, because you cannot understand the freakin' language, is not my idea of fun. God, I hate Hindi. (hold the comments, guys!)

Even after all these years, it gives me the chills when I think about how I used to shiver and shake, the nights before my Hindi exams. 11 years of studying the language and the only thing I can say half decently is 'tumhara naam kya hai'. It is disgraceful and I know it, but when you wholeheartedly decide to loathe something at the tender age of five, it kinda sticks.

When you enter a college in your own city where 95% of the student population are from the other end of the country, language tends to be a bit of a problem. Being someone who has to know what everyone is saying around her, all the time, this language thing proves to be pain in the ass. I put up with it for 2 years, I have 2 more to go, but I can't say I'm looking forward to 312 hours of being surrounded by that NOISE.

I'm pretty sure I did not sign up for this.

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Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hehehe I wish I knew any other Indian besides Hindi - I love learning new languages the thing is my memory isn't quite as what I wanted it to be :D

10:01 AM 

Blogger Shrav had this to say:

exactly the same way I felt all the 10 years i studied hindi! Luckily now I'm in a college in Chennai, so Hindi hardly matters now! If you are coming to the indibloggers meet, we can meet up there!

2:52 PM 

Blogger Shrav had this to say:

owww... sorry i forgot you were the one who proposed the meet! Looking forward to meet ya!

2:53 PM 

Anonymous Amy had this to say:

I wish I had the capacity to learn a language. I have a crude understanding of sign language and Spanish. Neither of which would save me if I were in such need.

I admire your tenacity. 11 years... wow.

2:05 AM 

Blogger The Pseudonym had this to say:

I suffered with Hindi, A suffering which I pray should not befall my worst enemy. And god how I hated my class 10 Hindi Sir.May his wicked soul R.I.P. And the Hindi I speak is of the " Ek gaanv mein ek kisaan rehata tha" hope u heard that one ;)

6:54 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I know Hindi, heh. Although I sucked at it in the exams, but I know it as such. Despite me being a Punjabi, everyone in my house speaks Hindi because they came from Delhi. And at school too, I bonded with people who speak Hindi instead of Punjabi. My Punjabi sucks, if that's any help. :P

Good luck with your 13 days. I will pray for your soul. And your ears. :P

1:44 PM 

Blogger Rejoy Panakkal had this to say:

when urs truly was a kid, he used to avoid having to study hindi by hiding the hindi notebooks and telling mom that they were with the teacher for correction...

thankfully switched to french after all that crap...

ont un bon voyage à Calicut!!!

1:37 PM 

Blogger k10 had this to say:

Well i am from the North, but i still barely managed to pass my hindi exams in the 10th.I scored a measly (but proud) 57 on 100.
and you know what's the irony of things?? I had tamil as a second language (Unn pere Ketan Pandit), and i scored a 98 on 100!

How weirdly cool is that?

12:00 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Uh-oh. I am a tam, born and brought up in the north, so though my hindi is close to 'awesome', including the exams bit, I sucked big time in my tam, and was never accepted as part of the tam gang in campus ever!
Which brings me to the main point, Calicut is a very pretty city, I loved my two years in campus, so enjoy that! :)

6:01 PM 

Blogger Shrutilaya had this to say:

I hate hindi too!

I studied it till the 10th, and then took french, which isn't any better.

And, sadly, I have one more year of it.


11:36 AM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

hey dnt worry...its gonna get better...ull get a hang of it soon!!

9:07 PM 

Blogger Preeti had this to say:

Why would u have to put up with Hindi in Calicut?

3:31 PM 

Blogger Anju had this to say:

Amen, I hate hindi too. I'm sorry that I'm so terribly prejudiced but when I hear these loud hindi-wallas in the cinemas I honestly want to throw a "learn English in 30 days" book at them.
Funny, I just made a hindi-racist statement on my blog too. :p

10:04 AM 

Blogger Niyara - Asian Rocxs had this to say:

lolllll thats funny : "noise"

12:06 AM 

Blogger A.K.Ravishankar had this to say:


12:52 AM 

Anonymous Yuvi had this to say:

I don't think I can feel your pain tho - all the Hindi guys in my school automatically switch to English when any of the non-Hindi folks are around. Then again, they're the minority here....

1:44 PM 

Blogger divya chandramouli had this to say:

I hear you. To me, it isn't as much about the Hindi because I can understand the language and speak it rather fluently, but, i loathe the pre-conceived notions people bear in India. I won't bore you by listing them here.

And I love your blog's colours, the panel is so pick-me-up. :D

Turns out, the url I gave you last evening might have had an underscore, in which case, 'tis wrong! Drop me a line sometime and much luck on the trip.

4:25 PM 

Blogger Shoonyata had this to say:

it was nice meeting you (finally)...write more often:)

12:21 PM 

Blogger The Mahathma had this to say:


11:53 PM 

Blogger Reema had this to say:

Ohh i'm bad at hindi too...In school i somehow cleared the subject and as soon as I reached class 9 we had option of sanskrit or hindi..i chose Sanskrit..lot easier n scoring than Hindi..i dont know counting in Hindi over 30 (tees)!!

5:23 PM 

Blogger My Musings had this to say:

Yeah! Add me to your club! and now in hyderabad, and surviving with bits and peices of hindi I learned for (GOD KNOWS HOW) 9 years.. Wouldnt someone come up with SomeThing for this never ending Trauma!!!

I'm very bad @ the language! one year of living admist this hindi crows didnt put any hindi into my thick skull

Bloghopping n landed here

12:04 PM 

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