Thursday, May 15, 2008
Hello you!

16 hours of sleep, two days worth of food and one huge pimple on my forehead, later, I am back!

A roller coaster ride of hits, misses (mostly misses) and torture and trauma has finally come to an end. It still doesn't erase the fact that I have two more tickets to ride this coaster. But for now, its done. I can finally breathe, breathe the air of food, sleep and most importantly the internet. I missed you. Not to say that I haven't been here all this time, oh I was here alright (What did you think was the root of all the procrastination that was going on) but never in spirit. If you've noticed, I'm back to being myself, never knowing what to say, so reverting to the one thing I know best, typing crap to make it seem like I actually have an entire blog post mapped out in this little head of mine.

So another summer at my feet, well, not exactly a whole summer, I leave to Calicut next week for two whole weeks! Not as exciting as it sounds though, its for a college project and everyone is pretty much as 'blah' about it as I am. I don't know why, but lately I seem to be feeling a bit 'blah' about everything. I guess I'm in a 'blah' phase right now, which hopefully should pass, not that I don't completely enjoy sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Its awesome fun. You should try it sometime!

Yes I get it. I shouldn't exactly try and use sarcasm to be funny, it comes out completely wrong and then it prompts me to type out a stupid explanation as to why I'm so bad at this. Kill me already!

Anyway, the fact that the time is 2:42 isn't exactly helping the funk that I seem to be in. So I'll catch you at the other end of today! Bye!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

ZOMG Lemonade YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!

My exclamation marks should tell you how excited I am. I don't use beyond 1 for super happy occasions even. But I'm soooo glad you're back. Yayayayay!

Okay, proper comment later, it's like 3:15 now and I'm too happy to be logical. :P

3:15 AM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

lol...welcome back!:)

2:05 PM 

Blogger rahul mathur had this to say:

wooooooohooooooo look who is back ! the best asian blogger ! :) Good to see u back lemonade and btw sis keep ur posts coming in .

waiting eagerly !

4:56 PM 

Blogger Sneezy Melon had this to say:

You're back!! Welcome :D

I agree. Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself is like the perfect source of inner happiness. And if you've got a pampering mom, it's sweeeet :P

5:48 PM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

yipee! shez back.
ok, where's calicut?
*disappears in atlas*

ps--once upon a time there was a blog called blah. a very hot blog. if it makes you feel any better.

10:07 PM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

oh yay someone else in a 'blah' mood for a change :D lol
i'm in that zone almost all the time these days! only i call it the 'bleh' thing :D

10:17 PM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:21 PM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

also, have fun in calicut or should i call it kozhikide! its nice out there.. but i was there for my coll trip for only 3-4 hours.. mostly at the station and then at the beach for sometime....the beach is like Juhu Beach..I don't know if you know Juhu Beach in Bombay.. but anyway, there is quite a lot of crowd at the beach.. surprising i must say.. and the auto rickshaw people just REFUSE to talk in English (although in other TN and Kerala and Karnataka cities they do talk in English.. i don't know why Calicut was like that!)
and yeah, the waiting rooms are not that nice :P


10:22 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

!!!!!!!!!! hey ish!!!! glad to be back too! :)
missed u!!

thanks :)

hey rahul! nice to see u here more often :D

i was actually trying to be sarcastic, but don't worry, nothing even comes out the way i mean it anyway :D

lol, calicut's a town a the south........................................of india (in case u were wondering) lol

@poisonivy i'm dreading thistrip even more!! :(

4:11 AM 

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