Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Overheard on the phone

Me: I had the yummiest strawberry juice at fruit shop today!

Boy who thinks he's too cool: Really? I don't like strawberry juice.

Me: Why not?

Boy who thinks he's too cool: I dont know, cause it tastes really girly.

Me: !!!!!!!

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Blogger maverick had this to say:

strawberry juice??????all i ve heard of is strawberry milkshake..!!lol..

8:45 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

ROFL, so does he mean to say strawberry juice tastes like you're eating a girl? Come on!

I'm pretty sure if Strawberry juice was any color except pink..maybe blue or something, this guy wouldn't have minded it. Maybe he doesn't like it but that's the lamest excuse he could have given.

My excuse is simple, I don't like strawberry juice because it happens to be kind of sour at most of the places. I don't like strawberry shakes, toffees or anything. But not because it's pink and that's girly lol.

11:56 PM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

guy who thinks hez too cool!! loved ur way of addresin him!!
men can neva grow up!

9:01 PM 

Blogger Pri had this to say:

strawberry juice??? :o
ive never had that and im a girl too...:-/
ive had strawberry milkshake though and love it :)

9:24 PM 

Blogger Sanyukta had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:15 AM 

Blogger Sanyukta had this to say:

LOL...Guy-who-thinks-he-is-cool certainly seems to have some strong impressions about things... :D

PS: I voted for u at Bloggies. Keep up the good work.

2:18 AM 

Blogger Seung had this to say:

Found your blog among the weblog awards nominees and I love it!

Your blog's awesome! I'll be voting for you :)

7:26 AM 

Anonymous Anoop had this to say:

Strawberry juice tastes girly?? This is so funny! Well then what will Apple juice tastes like..boyish ?...and wht would poison taste like.. :P ?????...(ya...like the boy who thinks he is super cool)

7:35 AM 

Blogger Coconut Chutney had this to say:

Typical BOY.

9:00 AM 

Blogger LostWeasley had this to say:

i LOVE strawberry juice...i'm always looking for places where i can get some good strwbrry juice
pity that guy...he doesnt know what he's missing...

pray, is there anything wrong in tasting girly?

1:33 PM 

Anonymous najcore had this to say:

wtf :]]

6:18 PM 

Anonymous lemonade had this to say:

omg! seriously..?! ITS LIKE THE BEST EVER!

lol..thats mature ish..but strawberry juice is sooo awesome..! not kidding

ur totally right! lol

you have to taste strawberry juice..its basically strawberrys and sugar put in a blender..yumm!

lol..he sure does.. :)
and thanks a ton :D

thank you so much seung! :)
do visit again! :)


@coconut chutney
i know! typical chennai boy!

@lost weasley
if you're ever in madras...give me a call n i'll take you for the best s'berry juice evah!!

7:03 PM 

Blogger maverick had this to say:

@lemonade..its available in chennai right??where..i ll ve it...i can travel 6 hrs for tht from trichy :D

7:09 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:


7:10 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@ maverick
follow the link..fruit shop on greams road..ther's a link to the menu also on the post! :)

7:14 PM 

Blogger maverick had this to say:

@lemonade..i thot i ld also get treatment like lost weasly... :D...newaz..sure will chk it out..im in chennai next time :D...

7:16 PM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

LOL! :)

10:12 AM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

Oh. My. God.

9:20 PM 

Blogger Cinn had this to say:

boys are so dumb. i dated this one guy and when i told him my fav fruit was strawberries he said he'd never had one before because (and i kid you not) he was afraid of the thorns (i.e. seeds). dweeb.

12:02 AM 

Blogger Zee had this to say:


4:06 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Love your blog. One minor thingamajig is that your links change size when hover'd upon ... changes the formatting... May scare the daylights out of non savvy browsers, you think?

1:26 AM 

Blogger Reema had this to say:

A taste being girly or guyish????/ lolzz :D

5:46 PM 

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