Sunday, February 15, 2009
Ooty 6


Blogger Ruthibelle had this to say:

lol... wasn't eating... but if I was, theer is nothing you could say to make me stop.. yeah. I'm stubborn like that :)

2:51 AM 

Blogger Sheba had this to say:

Lovely..The purfct blog i was lukin forward too...gosh u've go a lotta talent wid u! I wud luv to follow ur blog and so i have a blog too nd hey r u der in Facebook?

6:12 PM 

Blogger uglyduckling91 had this to say:

Hey :D
Awesome blog B-)

Is pink lemonade someting like Blushing Lemonade? :D

12:15 AM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

eating dark chocolates aren't that sinful.
they are good for the heart you know. they also fight diabetes. Just the Bitter dark chocolates.

11:15 AM 

Blogger JollyRoger had this to say:

Hmmm, you in sari??!! Interesting. BUt how come in Ooty?

1:00 PM 

Blogger Coconut Chutney had this to say:

Those chocolates taste the same, and there are a lot of weird dudes in ooty, be careful!

6:31 PM 

Blogger MeMyself_n_I had this to say:

Ooty! I love the place. ANd that was too weak, i'm not the squeamish type. :-p

P.S. - Your last entry, loads of fun!

11:04 PM 

Blogger Trinity had this to say:

Hey i've started a new blog the content of the blog is from books written by anthony de mello, im uploading them one by one as they are really good and are not available anymore in book shops and people scarcely read these kind of books so it is my attempt to make bring to light anthony's work to the blogshere.

1:23 PM 

Blogger sanely insane had this to say:

eh...i was thinking walking down the street in a saree would count for adventurous :P

12:53 PM 

Blogger Ritesh Rana had this to say:

Ooty is the beautiful place...

3:47 PM 

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