Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 Oh

So, I turned 20 on the 5th.


As in the big TWO OH, twenty. 

As in 240 months, twenty.

As in 1043.6 weeks, twenty.

As in 7305 days, twenty.

As in the 20 after 19, twenty.

Yup, that's the 20 I'm talking about. 

The life of a twenty year old female in this day and age is filled with five hundred friends on Facebook, a phone that needs to be surgically removed from her ear, gossip over coffee with the girls, parties, illegal drinks at said parties and not to mention a tote bag full of drama.

Such is the case of a normal twenty year old. The epitome of an abnormal one on the other hand would be me.

I know, that the only sane thing to do right now would be to channel Joey and scream "Why God, Why?!!" until I'm convinced God can hear me, but funnily, I cannot be more relived.

Why you ask, well, for one, I was never a typical teenager to begin with. Sure like every other teenage girl there was the inevitable ‘Boy Band' phase and the 'The-Phone-Is-My-Lifeline' phase and the 'Boy-Crazy' phase. But being the weirdo that I was, there was also the "Insufferable-grandma-of-the-Gang" phase, the "Head-Accountant-At-Lunches" phase and the 'I-Have-This-Compulsive-Need-To-Act-35' phase. 

Twenty days ago, the prospect of turning 20 seemed daunting. Honestly I couldn’t understand how a person who felt like she was 14 and on occasion acted like she was 60 could actually be on the verge of turning 20. Finding middle ground unfortunately has never been my forte. 

20 is definitely a weird place to be in, because you’ve lost the right to scream at the top of your lungs for no apparent reason (which previously could have been blamed on teenage angst), yet you’re not old enough to go out and get yourself a beer (Not that I want to by the way, get myself a beer that is). Its a stage where you have to tread carefully, making sure you don't falter, back into your, much too familiar 'teenagy' past. To tell you the truth, I've actually found myself mature more in the past few days than I ever have in my entire life.

I'm not the same girl I was.

I'm in my 20's for heaven's sake!

God, it feels wierd to say that.


Silvara said...

Hahahahaha...loved it.

*in a wry, cynical voice* the best is yet to come m'dear. I have only 4 years until I am 30!!!!

The twenties will be the best years of your life I believe - old enough now to look back and not have that teenage angst but still be young enough to be crazy.

Happy belated birthday and welcome.

Start complaining when you hit the *GASP* mid-twenties :P

Nags said...

hehehe.. I freaked out only on one b'day throughout my life.. freaked out not loudly but inside. and that was when i turned 26 (last aug). I felt like 25 is when "young" ended. and 26 is where "old" began. if i had been single then, i would have been miserable, cuz somewhere in my 23s, I lost the "bond" with the family and it became something else, something looser. And I was getting lost out there.

Hehe maybe I should write a post about this on my own blog eh? :)

Just wanted to say happy belated bday and enjoy the 20s, cuz the 30s.. Man!! Let's not go there!

Ploddy said...

(sing)Happy birthday to you!
(sing)Happy birthday to you!
(sing)You know you are twenty...
(shout)And there's nothing u can do! :) :) :)

Happy belated birthday!!
You are doing well considering you are only feeling weird and not freaking out, eh? :P Trust me you are as young as you feel you are (in your case as old, 60 or 35 not withstanding :) ) and age is just a number.

However, this remains one of the glorious phases in your life. Enjoy it to the hilt. (Beer is just one year away.)

And oh btw (sing) 18 till I die!!!

Keep posting!!

Sachin said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! Was wondering where you'd hibernated to post that Ooty post!

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Coming from someone who is on the wrong side of 30 already, and still feels like he is not more than say 22, I can totally identify with what you feel!!! Keep posting!!!

Vasanthan said...

u are going to be 21 soon!!
one step closer. then after u don't look forward to your birthdays anymore.

Perx said...

hey, calm down
here, have some cake, belated happy birthday!

BIG Omi said...

Why god why... ?? why are you doing this to us :P

Well Wish you a happy Birthday mate, BELATED.

But that thing about maturity is pretty true... u have this feeling or quality of being matured !! All the best gal.. well when I turned twenty one of my graduation professor had a mall chat wid moi and said " 20 is a transition stage in one's life. You become very sincere towards your career and there's an urge to excel and reach heights in a short span of time and this is teh time u make crucial decisions". Actually never fel true in my case so thought of sharing it with someone who might be benifitted with it !!:P


nVn said...

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday !
It was your birthday !
So Happy Birthday !

Please do respond to my email !

Ruthibelle said...

happy belated,and yeah, it feels weird. Wait till you touch 21.. big whoop.

iris said...

ha ha the accountant and the rest of the phrases!!! i no those how can i forget... :) nice one

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday love!

hit 21, it is a whole different world out there after that...

And, also, as far as I can tell, 20 is not such a bad place to be... I loved being 20, though technically you are not in your 20s until you're 21.


Renovatio said...

Happy bithday. Honestly, twenty's the same as the last few, and it'll be the same as the next few. Just do your thing.

Anonymous said...

i hopped, skipped and jumped from Withering Willow's blog to yours cuz i loved ur name...the look and feel of ur blog is lively and so fresh in this summer heat...!

being in twenties is amazing cuz ur now officially 'an adult' :P

just go with the flow and things will be fine...cheers!

Doozie Dreamer said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Would you mind if I blog Roll you?

Red said...

I want to talk to me

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