Thursday, October 30, 2008
Seven hundred and sixty seven

Whoa! 767 days in the blogosphere. I sure have come a far cry from my first post, which by the way, I now find excruciatingly painful to go back to. The dots, the excessive use of the exclamation mark and the lack of capitals are all mighty cringe-worthy.

But this isn't another "Its-been-two-years-I-love-you-blogosphere-You-have-taught-me-so-much" post.
I already did one of those last year.

This is more of a "blogs-without-which-my-life-would-be-incomplete" post. This is a list of my three favorite bloggers. I adore each and every one of them for completely different reasons. Each one of their posts either inspire me, make me laugh or make me feel like I've known them for ages. All of which are ordinarily very difficult to do, because a) I'm lazy, b) have the weirdest sense of humor and c) I have people issues. Yes, shocking, I know, but let's not dwell on that right now.

So here's my list. If you don't already read them, you should. Or should I say, you must. Either way, I order you to at least go give them a try.
She's around my age, is from Malaysia, but just moved to New York to attend Columbia University. Her writing style is amazing for some one so young, and every single post of hers blows me away with how thoughtful and articulate she is with her words. Every single post of hers also makes me extremely jealous because I know I can never be that thoughtful and articulate with my words. Yes I know I have a ton load of issues, someone drive me to a psychiatrist please.

She has a personal blog, a cooking blog, a photography blog and a home blog all rolled into one. And all of which are fabulous. She takes beautiful photos (which accompany ever single one of her posts) and her gastronomic genius is apparent in the cooking section of her blog. She even makes yogurt seem delicious, and if you know me at all, you'd know that there's nothing I hate more in the world than yogurt, oh and people who think that they're all that.
Only the queen of the blogging universe and quite possibly the king too. This woman my idol. Seriously, a blog cannot get better than hers. She's like the coolest, most awesome person in the world. I know I either sound like a blithering idiot or a crazy teenybopper fan, both of which I don't deny that I am (except for the teenybopper bit, that is). But if you don't read this woman, you should go jump on over to her site right now, because I swear to God, you have no clue what you've been missing in the blog world.

So that's it for the list. If you have your own set of favorite bloggers, feel free to go crazy in the comments, you can be sure that I will check them out, just like how you'll check my list out. Hint, hint.

And about the fact that my two year anniversary post, is more than a month late, I'm totally using the 'SELF PROCLAIMED SLACKER' route to get out of that one.

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Blogger Red had this to say:

sigh...maybe someday i'll be on a list....:)....but it'll probably be a worst blogger never mind....oh and i've only read catmeister's and lemonade's blogs so sorry no favourites yet...

11:40 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Happy birthday to the blog ?
Was there a party ?

9:29 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Congrats and welcome back after such a long snooze!

Surprisingly, the list of your fav bloggers are mine too :) They are on my blogroll and feed. It's not easy being an amusing, articulate and an amazing blogger overall. But nonetheless, you are one of my fav as well :) Good luck and once again, congrats on your blogging anniversary!


1:43 AM 

Blogger Ruthibelle had this to say:

Congrats you!!! You've been blogging a veery long time!!

5:14 AM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

like i said before, congratulations!! And omg, your first post was seriously wrote that??? UNbelieveable! muhuhahaha!!
And I like dooce too!

7:59 AM 

Blogger Mystique had this to say:

holy cow.
she's on my blogroll, check her out.
not the forget Reno, the dead blogger. as in, his blog seems to be dead.

2:11 PM 

Blogger Shoe Girl had this to say:

good to have u back writing....almost after a month! loved the quaintly blog:)

1:58 PM 

Blogger Rejoy Panakkal had this to say:

ten more posts should be squeezed outta u to make 777...

anyways, here's another top three to consider:

(it might look like cheating but little sis writes surprisingly well)

(makes everyone laugh 3 times per sentence)

(how the doc gets the time to write so much, so well, i have no idea)

4:32 PM 

Blogger Am D Best... Forget D Rest :) had this to say:

hey Congrats for ur 2 Yrs... Am really carried away by your style...

i jus love your blogs and posts... tho i hav read very few...

Wel but am a little disappointed.. i sent u a mail sometime back... Saw ur claims that u wil reply to every maill wel am yet to receive a reply... :(

11:42 PM 

Blogger humbl devil had this to say:


12:08 AM 

Blogger Poonam Sharma had this to say:

I found all the three from the Bloggies Choice awards. Listen, I am also holding an award on my blog. I would like you to judge a category. Could you pls drop me an email at poonamsharma11 at gmail. I would appreciate if you could delte this comment after reading.

3:13 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hey! A 'blogs-without-which-my-life-would-be-incomplete' post and I'm not mentioned anywhere? How could you do that to me?!


Aaanyway, congratulations for the 2 years. And your first post was hilarious, just like mine. I kinda enjoy going back and reading my posts and eventually realizing what a stupid git I was. Precisely the reason I made a blog. So I could laugh my ass off at myself when I grow up. :D

7:54 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

Hey congratulations!!! and LOL at your first post...Liked it a lot.

And thanks a lot for sharing those links. Those are really wonderful! :)

10:03 AM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

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4.Heros - didn't know saving the world means to just save the cheerleader.
5. Greys anatomy - i am a fan of George O'Malley
6. House MD - you will like this if u like Grey's

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8:57 AM 

Anonymous Sarcastica had this to say:

My anniversay in the blogging world is coming up soontimes too :) 3 friggin years!

I'm definitely gonna check out those blogs though.

6:32 AM 

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