Friday, August 08, 2008

As if I didn't own enough blogs in the blogosphere, I had to go and get myself another one!

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but other important priorities (READ: lazing around) got in the way. So, without further ado, I give you...

Lazy Pixels

Why? Because I'm lazy and because those are pixels. If you find yourself blinking right about now, go ahead and check it out. Or you could subscribe to the RSS feed and be forever updated on the results of the endless fruitless photo sessions I have with the most insignificant little things in sight.

I can promise that the new photo blog will be updated on a more regular basis than this one is.
Because, my life? Not that happening. But, my camera pointed at various objects lying around the house? Dude, way more interested than the sordid details of my life.

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

good luck. i think you have amazing potential here. whether as a blogger, or photography skills. see, life is not all about being perfect, routine and regular. it about being expressive. being yourself. so, have fun and enjoy doing what you do :)

9:10 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Ooh, that blog is very nice. It looks very cool. And the name, Lazy Pixels, is great too. How do you come up with such stuff man?

I wish I had a blog like that. But before that I'll need to be as good at photography as you are and I don't think that is gonna happen anytime soon. Or even late for that matter. But I will try, and I will Flickr.

2:27 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hey, you're such a good photographer. i like your new blog!

can't wait to see more pics. :)

5:13 PM 

Blogger Coconut Chutney had this to say:

w00t :D Just added u in flickr btw :)

7:44 PM 

Blogger Chriz had this to say:

and i found your blog again... roger led me...

7:23 AM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

oooooooooh. nice blog man. nice photos.
ok, i've been spending the last 15-16 hours wondering which of the three places i should comment, and i think now i will comment without further ado...

ps--we like reading the sordid details of your life. sadism. you see.

10:37 AM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

its a nice blog. maytbe u are getting tired looking at it. But it does look cool.

10:55 AM 

Blogger Rambunctious WhipperSnapper had this to say:

You write multiple blogs too? ...

Btb, like the new one also.

4:24 PM 

Anonymous Joel had this to say:

Interesting. I love photography too.. I started liking it very recently though :)

BTW which camera do you use? The pics have come out really good...
And congrats on your new blog :)

6:35 PM 

Anonymous Rohit had this to say:

So I guess I have some competition.....

7:33 PM 

Blogger Renato had this to say:

good blog..i read quite a few..yours is at its best when i read at a time of sure you would

9:48 PM 

Blogger Metrosexual Monk had this to say:

woah! super stuff.

where are the weaving machines from?

8:46 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hey thats a nice attempt! :) Good luck with it :)

6:22 PM 

Anonymous Meghna had this to say:

oh wow, thats really cool, keep up the good work!

3:21 PM 

Blogger Meghna had this to say:

oh wow, thats really cool, keep up the good work!

3:22 PM 

Blogger Rahul Mathur had this to say:

Jesus Christ , Lazy Pixels look amazing ! Amazing Images , they look like HD pics !: O

Great job ! :)

Keep up the great work ;)

11:23 AM 

Anonymous Julia had this to say:

Those are some wonderful pictures! I keep trying to start a photoblog, but I can't seem to keep up with updating it. Let's hope you're more successful with that.

1:12 PM 

Anonymous Rajat had this to say:

Congratulations! You have been awarded with "Brilliant Weblog Award". Please visit my blog to collect it.

3:19 PM 

Blogger Sachin had this to say:

Great blog!! Looking forward to lots more pics on "Lazy Pixels".

Btw, you've been tagged. Visit my blog for more details. Cheers!

11:15 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks :), what happened to your blog??

that is you that i added on flickr no? i recognized it only because of the dell keyboard :P

thanks for the support! :)

i know :) post some more pics!

jolly roger? i dont remember u here before though..

lol :) ur such a sweeti!

thanks :)

yup, i do!
and thanks :)

thanks :)
i just use a normal casio point and shoot.


really? :) i didn't know come?

those are from karur, tamil nadu..we went on an internship there last feb

@world.., meghana
thanks :)

thats the look im trying for.. :)

i loved the pics that u should update more often!

thanks rajat! so sweet of u!

thanks sachin! :)

2:01 AM 

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