Tuesday, August 19, 2008
The good ol' 90's

The other day, during the usual 'snooping-around-on-facebook' phase of my internet time, I happened to find a group, that listed all the things you would remember if you were a kid who grew up in the 90's. Now I actually remember reading an article awhile ago on things that you would remember if you were an INDIAN kid who grew up in the 90's. So I thought I'd make my own list, of course a couple of things may overlap with the other lists that are all over the internet, but come on, that's only because we all remember the same things. After all, we were the cool kids from the 90's, weren't we?

So, here's my version!


Ok, I know the words 'Dude' and 'Chick' don't fall into the 90's category, but that's cause we grew into the new millennium by then. Because, seriously, you can't deny the fact that we actually are an awesome generation!

PS: If you guys have more points to add, go on ahead, I'm sure that there quite a few that I missed out.

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

wow, that's quite an interesting list you've created. i shall not add anything as i won't fit the criteria of 90's. i was born late 70's.. btw, i think many points are relevant in many stages; i.e when we were forced to shut our eyes during infamous scenes, teary eyed during emotional movies, favorite music etc.. i call that a trend in every generation. bravo!

1:51 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:


Wow, this is an excellent post! Most of the points are something which I can relate to! This is my contribution to your points -

I tried out in the school heats for Bournvita quiz contest... I didn't make it.

I loved Made in India!

I had almost all the Tinkle comics!

BSB and NKotB did the greatest music ever!

Mr Pops was the drug of our choice! :D

We did the Macarena in the school assembly... yes... all 500 of us!

Finally - how cool was Johnny Bravo!

aah, happy days!

btw - you've been tagged!


3:17 AM 

Blogger Rambunctious WhipperSnapper had this to say:

Small wonder!! I saw it during it's original run on Indian TV. Followed by ninja turtles. And I even have a ninja turtles lunch bx at I made my parents get me from the US!!

And tinkle/archie comics.
And after reading the post, the vico turmeric jingle is playing inside my head :P ... and ruffles ...

7:51 AM 

Blogger I am..but a dreamer had this to say:

The good ol' days of Lagori,Hide and seek and Re.1/- Lollies!

8:48 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Loved the last bit ;)

Popping tit-bits and lollies into the pocket and not spending the entire summer vacations infront of the TV and computer is my memories of growing up in the 90s
Nice post :)

10:15 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Btw, I still think Lacto King sucks!

10:18 AM 

Blogger Animated Junk had this to say:

hey i cud relate to every one of those, damn cool list.

12:18 PM 

Blogger The Keeper of the Keys had this to say:

hehe, i love these kinda posts... mowgli *jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai chaddi pahan ke phool khila he phool khilahe* check, Bournvita check, made in india check, cutegal747@redfiffsomething check, pizza hut/mc d's chack, vicoo turmeric yehi hai ayurvedic antiseptic cream check, er "Life/monoploy" check?, green weekender tunice etc check, Tinkle Champak+pinki, billooo ceck, lollipops check, Kuch kuch hota hai check, Vicky check, tazos+neon pens check, macarena+barbie girl check, ruffles+uncle chips check, cartoon network check, awesome chick CHECK!!!

not bad, eh?


5:29 PM 

Blogger Vasudha had this to say:

Ooh, this is great. Nidhi missed a line though. "Vicoo turmeric, nahi cosmetic, Vicco turmeric ayuryedic cream." =P And Ruffles! I was heartbroken when they switched to Lays and discontinued the Pudina flavour. :|
Oh, and I've been a silent stalker since ages, and I love your blog. :D

7:11 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

OMG, I love this post! I've done almost all of them. And I agree with Vasudha, I hated Lays when they became Lays and discontinued the Pudina flavour. That was the shit. And Maggi! I got depressed when they changed the Maggi masala at one point. I switched to Top Ramen but it just wasn't the same. After all, it's all Maggi and Coke in my blood.

And you missed Shaktimaan btw! He's the ultimate symbol of the 90's. The way all of us would go crazy at 12 every Sunday to watch a 40 year old guy become a superhero and do the most lamest things ever. It was lovely! Ah, the days. :(

7:43 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Love the nineties!

4:05 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Cool post!

4:05 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hahahhahahha one word for it: Legen - wait for it - dery :D

Aaah!!! I was a lame teen then!! :D What days man :DDD

2:14 PM 

Blogger Neha had this to say:

hahahah...oh godddd...i remember Ruffles now!! And omg I totally LOVED Nick Carter...he THE cutest dude ever!! Hehe and Champak comics were so cute! Macarena was like a theme song at every party..and there was also a "barbie girl" phase for little girls! Ah, good times, good times!

Additions to your list:

* You have bought chips just to collect tazos.

* You know the jingle: Doodh doodh doodh, piyo glassful doodh!

* And speaking of ads, you HAVE said stuff like, "Neeta, Zyada khaayegi toh moti ho jaayegi...I DONT CARE!" and "Rahul!! Paani chala jaayega!"

* You remember watching American tv shows before they were actually translated into hindi.

* You remember the excitement when the first McD opened in ur area, and you DID go to see the first time Ronald McDonald visited!

* If u lived in Delhi, you loooooved Nirula's

*You remember the tamagucci craze...and pestered ur parents till you actually got one.

Haha! Gosh, ur post brought back precious memories! This blog goes right away on my blogroll!!

Keep Writing!

4:53 PM 

Blogger Jiggly Wiggly had this to say:

great post....in the 90's i was a lot lighter....(sigh)

7:31 PM 

Blogger - N - had this to say:

Pretty neat list !
adding more to it -

Playing hopscotch :D

6:02 PM 

Anonymous Rohit had this to say:

The 90's .....

Ice cream and chocolate made a full course meal

Spiderman was your best friend

ALL girls had cooties

You didn't choke everytime you saw barney

You actually cried when they stopped making uncle chips

Ah good times....

8:19 AM 

Blogger Rahul Mathur had this to say:

OMG THIS POST IS LEGENDARY :D . The greatest post ever !

I was born in 90s and all the points you mentioned were totally perfect , immensely accurate :D .
There is so much about the 90s i remember hah those Tazos days ;) , mowgli days and BSB DAYs ! i used to love em all .

but things did change in the 21st century though ;D

10:27 AM 

Blogger Rahul Mathur had this to say:

And to add :

I have every Gi joe action figure , heman figure , more than thousand tazos thanks to uncle chips !

Great post , man i gotta stop commenting ! :/

10:29 AM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

Lol, amazing stuff... real neat.. and so damn true!! :D

Yeah we were all big fans of MTV Most Wanted (with Rahul Khanna first and then Shenaz)

Haha, BQC and Cartoon Network.. absolutely glued to the TV :D

Vicco Turmeric & Business, lmfao.. definitely remember those!

Lol, I just can't stop laughing! Great post!

12:35 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Great post!

I actually used to believe that 'Made in India' was a cool song. :P Everyone in my group of friends had the board game "Business."

Some of my favourite clothes were from Weekender Kids, and Gini & Jony.

Tinkle or Champak used to be my choice during train rides, too. I also used to read the Archie comics.

And, tazos -- I still have my tazo album -- a reminder of the good ol' 90's. :)

Amazing post -- I love it so much, I'mma share it on google reader.

3:47 PM 

Blogger Akshay had this to say:

Prabhu Deva! How could you miss him out? There were sooo manyversions of "Muqabla Muqabla"!

3:59 PM 

Blogger gunj had this to say:

lol u made me all nostalgic with dat list:)

7:10 PM 

Blogger Neon had this to say:

Haha, i did the pizza corner b'day party as well, it really did make me feel so cool.

10:51 PM 

Blogger Vasanthan had this to say:

i could relate to some of it. although not being in india during that period.
Ninja turtles, cartoon network and all those stuff.

1:29 PM 

Blogger Poof! had this to say:

Wow! Spot on there. Though if you were in Bangalore, KFC would be the venue for the cool 'budday' party! Awesome post!

8:03 PM 

Blogger Shillu had this to say:

Oh man! This is my first time to ur blog & I love it! very refreshing! (Like a lemonade- my all time fav)

I agree & relate to all these plus a couple of additions - Nirma Ad: "Doodh ki sa-fe-dhi..." & "aayiye Deepika Ji" wala Ad, Ramayan on TV - every Sun! Miss those days!

BTW - I still read Tinkle ;-)

7:22 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Super cute blog. :) I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Your designs are really pretty! Love the bright colors, and all the lemon-y themes.

8:16 PM 

Anonymous Anoop had this to say:

Hey thats a sweet post. You mentioned cartoon network...Nah ! In fact I grew upon DD channel's cartoons..."Duck tales" was one of 'em ...Remember? Awesome! feel like watching it again...

5:38 AM 

Blogger Gayatri had this to say:

good god. i choked up reading a few points in that list.

we did turn out okie, didn't we? ='( (tears of joys these, don't mind me) *sniffs*

3:58 PM 

Blogger Mystique had this to say:

oh LOL yeah
my mom didn't let me watch titanic.
And i actually MADE it to the bqc
and i don't live in India, and i'm one of the few who have no cable tv so I did and still do have to be surgically removed from the TV only now i watch Miami Ink.
Damn i miss scooby doo. and the flintstones.
i'm blogrolling you. visit me. lol

10:39 AM 

Blogger Wicked :D had this to say:

# Vicco turmeric, illa cosmetic. Vicoo turmeric ayurvedic cream;)

# Get Ad Gel. Yeh hai Gel bar pen. Get Ad Gel. Yeh hai sensation. Get Ad Gel. Yeh hai masti bara pen. Get Ad gel, get ad gel.

Yes! My brain is crammed with a lot of junk and I used to watch a lot of TV. But no! I don't wear glasses.

And bravo! Great post. Here are a few from your average (I am being modest. I am actully way smarter and cuter than the avg. guy) guys perspective.

# Sachin's blitz in Sharjah

# No COKE!

# Pesi called Pepsi Cola and Cool Cool Canada Dry;)

# Superhit Muqabula. Shrimaanji Shrimati ji;)

11:27 AM 

Blogger Bharad had this to say:

* Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan on Doordarshan

* Malgudi Days

* Patriotic song ..."Mile Sur mera tumhara ..."

* The science show - "Turning Point"

* He-Man and the masters of the Universe

* Surabhi (Renuka Sahane and Siddharth fame)

* and not the least... news reader Salma Sultana

4:25 PM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

Mogli!! the Bournvita Quiz!! VICCO TURMERIC!!! :P :P
Nick Carter! Vickie! Ruffles Lays and tazos!
My, oh my. Brilliant.

10:18 PM 

Blogger Lynnie had this to say:

haha i miss the 90s [:
i remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a saturday to watch cartoons.

boom boxes!

mistakes were corrected by simply calling out, "do over!"

TAG [the game, not the body spray haha]


light-up sneakers :D<3

lots of good memories from the 90s. 90s india sounds like a good place too [:
but now the world seems under the invasion of sidekicks and ipods and stupid kids who dont listen to their big sister no more D:<

2:55 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:52 AM 

Anonymous pankaj had this to say:

hee hee...very insightful

how about - your favourite lyrics were "ye akha india jaanta hai hum tumpe marta hai"

6:05 PM 

Blogger Hershey Desai had this to say:

I loved mowgli. Middle of the class I would start singing the song. Then get thrown out of class.

Made in India was sooo... alisha was sooo hot.

god in heaven, I feel like such a loser right now for having that id back then. What on earth was I thinking.

YAY GIJOE! Early morning 7.00am I was glued to the TV. One whole hour of it. and 8am its off to school.

Mom got rid of all my tinkles... :(
Had my story posted in champak once.

Kuch kuch hota hai. Damn movie gave me a lot of trouble.

Pretty awesome? Aren't we all? After all, this was generation X we are talking about.
We are the only guys who know how to behave like fools, juveniles, and still be professionals.

Btw, you forgot the He-man worship.
And , ohh...filmi chakkar. God its been ages since I even heard of that sitcom.

and on cartoon network you had shows like captain caveman, space ghost, penelope something

There was a thundercats era.

I loved the 90s.

4:50 PM 

Blogger aint_no_saint had this to say:

A I ws readin ur post.. I was desperately tryin to prove one of ur points wrong((inside my head..)) AS I always do :P

Love the lemony touch to ur Blog.. d humourous sarcasm dat lies above and beneath everythin u write.. Liked it.

Additions to Dis List... 1. CENTURIONS on Cartoon Network.. and sayin aloud POWER EXTREME a/w them!

2. Singin songs and performin a dance in front of my relatives..on being emberassingly pushed on by my parents!

3. Finishin a packet of Poppins in one go!

4. Stealing glances and dat cute girl in d classes..and smiling sheepishly on getting caught

5. MARIO..Pacman..Islander..Contra- D games that made the 90's

6. Freakin out in d rain wid friends in Chaddi-bniyaan

Oh D list is endless..and so r the memories.. thnx for d revision :)

p.s- u go down in my Taggd list.. as soon as i figuer out hw to do it :P

9:32 PM 

Blogger Akansha Agrawal had this to say:

Hey!Nice blog. I too am 18 and can relate with a lot of that stuff, and I was stuck with Doordarshan for an even greater part of my lyf...

5:15 PM 

Blogger Fervid Blogger had this to say:

Great collection...
Some other memories -
WWF on 'Prime Sports', I use to believe that Undertaker actually rose from the dead
Watching Bay watch secretly on Star Plus

10:00 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

What about the fido dido wrist bands!!

11:38 PM 

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