Monday, October 02, 2006
two days..on a page.....(lame,i know...!!)

Two days of utter bliss..m so glad that things are back to the way that they were...m feeling extremly satisfied with my life right now... except for the fact that college starts tommorrow..and i am soo not looking forward to the weeks of torture that i have to go through before the semester ends..!!
Wrote the paragraph above yesterday..wasn't in the mood to complete the was the first day of college after ten lazy days of me not once gettin off my ass...back to the daily grind..arrgghhh...why does life has to be so challenging..i mean..come on..a break once in a while would definitly help ( oh wait...i did jus have a break..10 days..the good things in life are so easy to forget,aren't they..?? ) work will have some time to finish my book...not in the mood to write anymore next time...tah-tah (like the english say



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