Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stared a new blog called lemon's blogabook to keep track of all the books that i read..which are quite a few...this new blog is an absolute necessity for me since i like read a thousand books and forget all the names and the stories and sometimes i wind up reading the same book again or checking out the same book from the library..maybe years from now i would have actually finished making a full log and then i can show it to my wouldn't that be fun..he he..inspire my grandkids to read..ya rite..who am i kidding..they'd probably be too busy playing on an inter-galactic playground or in mars or something like that..anyway..cant blame me for dreaming,rite..?? My dad's always going on about how much he wants to throw out all the stuff that i keep hoarding to show to my grandkids..i dunno why..but i cant help keeping stuff,especially to show to my grandkids and my great grandkids..guess this is coz my grandmom always told me these really cool stories about when she was a kid...and when i was younger i always used to ask her why she never kept any of her stuff to show me..!! Guess thats what prompted me to start collecting that my grandkids wont have a chance to ask me that...if any of my grandkids read this in the future..u know that i already love you'll and that im already thinking about you'll................



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