Wednesday, October 25, 2006
m back..........

ahhhhhh...feels so good to be blogger break was definitly NOT intentional..stupid bloody wreck of a computer tat i own..!!! started again after a relaxing four day relaxing..i mean i jus slept the four days away..without doin a single ounce of work..!! god..the day before the much needed weekend i had to stay up the entire nite...yes, i mean the entire nite..!!! to finish assignments...finished at about 7.30 got dressed and ran to college..n then guess wat happened..turned out that i was the only one in the entire class to finish all the bloody work...the only one..!!! i was sooo irritated but quite happy at the same time because i was the only lame ass to finish everything..happy cause i could gloat at all my friends who were too busy partyin to do anything...ya..its quite sad tat i dont party...but m not really a party girl..actually hate parties..hate socialising..m actually quite proud of the introvert in me...ya i know that sounds wierd..but i cant help i was and my equally crazy friend..wanted to be these really snobby bitches..god knows wat had gotten into us...!! But i've got to admit tat it was a good phase of my life...he he...m not bein evil..!!! i't it funny that when u start talking about automatically keep switching from one topic to another..this just shows that your mind cant stay put..or rather that its tough for 'me' to stay on a subject without having deviated atleast thrice..!!! see..m doin it again..dont even know where i started..anyway..m gonna save the wonder of this phenomenon for another post...oooohh...found today..its so totally cool..jus the thing i need..!!Anyway..gonna shut up now...coz my mind is whirling with thoughts that i jus cant seem to put down.. because there are jus too many in later...



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