Tuesday, December 19, 2006
the 'one'....

Do you believe that there's one person out there for you..just one person...the one person who is made for you...the one person who is destined to be yours and who is destined to have you as his for the rest of your lives..do u believe in this one person..???

Well..i believe in this one person..(even though a pretty big part of me is pessimism personified)

i believe that there is one person who you can spend all your life loving ...someone with who you can have a conversation with for hours and never seem to get bored of..a person who you can absolutely pour your heart out to without ever feeling the slightest bit awkward..someone who you find you can relate to in any situation ...someone who you could watch sleeping for hours on end thinking that that's the only face you need to look at for the rest of your life...someone with whom you know you could sing the craziest of songs and dance the craziest of dances with....the one and only person who you know will be by your side through every single step of the way..that one person is the person made for you..the person the universe intended for you to live your life with..your soulmate...............

As stupid as it may sound to some of you..i believe in soulmates...i think its better to wait for the 'one' rather than just be in a relationship for the sake of being in it...

And i also believe that when you meet the 'one'...you'll definitely know in your heart of hearts and he or she is the the 'one'...the 'one' made for you..the 'one' that your destined to be with and the 'one' who you will never let go of........

So until the day that i meet the 'one'...i'll hope that i will be lucky enough to find the 'one' as some people have.......

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Blogger AmOrTeNTiA had this to say:

its really true there is sumone out der meant for us ...destined for us...u r really rite bein is jus another realationship mite b comforting for the moment but sucks wen u really understand its not permanent......ya do wait im sure u wil find the one the one for u....

3:25 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Just happen to come across your blog!!!
I'm 23 and just reading this post of yours brought back so many memories of me when i was 18 and dreaming about true love.
Didnt take to long for reality to strike and make the obvious known - just like there is no santa clause, there aint a perfect soulmate. its all about meeting that one imperfect person, and loving that person for being humanly imperfect, just like you.
You sound a lot like me when i was 18!!!
Well.... life is beautiful!!

12:04 AM 

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