Friday, June 04, 2010

Hello again!

I reckon its about time I started injecting some life into this long abandoned space of mine. I was perusing through my excuse for a best friend today when I came across chutney's post and remembered that I had a little of my own 'reviving of a blog' to do. So, inspired, I vow to do the same and post a little something everyday for the next thirty days.

Now I cannot promise you any profound thoughts or wit or humor or anything even vaguely readable, but I do promise myself at least an hour's worth of laughter when I'm old and shriveled and have nothing to do other than regale at my life as a twenty something cynic. Isn't that reason enough to even attempt this crazy experiment? Crazy, because I haven't written in over six months, but primarily because like most experiments I've conducted in the past, success wasn't exactly a part of the outcome. Yes, I'm a right bucket of sunshine, aren't I?

So here goes.

30 days.

Irrelevant droning.

Pointless drivel.

Incoherent sentences.

Aren't YOU in for a treat?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's the comeback season! Woohoo! :D