Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A whirlwind of a week later, I'm in a new place in my life. A place that was not even remotely on the cards. But for the record, I'd just like to say, that it it feels pretty damn good.


Anonymous Kiran had this to say:

Glad that you are doing great :) Where are u? Moved to Mumbai for good? Good luck dear!


7:28 AM 

Blogger amrit had this to say:

You do need to tell your readers where you have moved to!

9:42 AM 

Anonymous humbl devil had this to say:

where are you???

1:13 PM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

hmph, details please! You cannot just say something like that and disappear!

5:09 PM 

Blogger Red had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:08 PM 

Blogger Kevin Hisel had this to say:

Hey, I saw that you commented oun ProBlogger and it made me curious... I really like the design of this blog and I'm guessing you made it yourself (pretty awesome, I'll have to learn to do something like that one day) but I guess you've cut back on blogging?

Anyway, I'll be subscribing and I'm interested to hear more from a fellow 20 year old blogger.

8:03 AM 

Blogger Shillu had this to say:

miss your posts :( come back into old form soon :)

10:07 AM 

Blogger Isha Narang had this to say:

Hi, this is Isha Narang from Deccan Chronicle newspaper. I was working on an article and wanted your opinion. Could you pl gimme your number so that I can get in touch with you?

1:47 PM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

as long as it feels good :)

11:51 PM 

Blogger Maria Mcclain had this to say:

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6:55 PM 

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